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Occurred : 8/18/2014 21:56 (Entered as : 8/18/14 21:56)
Reported: 8/15/2016 9:22:20 AM 09:22
Posted: 8/16/2016
Location: Waterbury, VT
Shape: Sphere
Duration:15-20 seconds
Aug 18th, 2014 Waterbury VT UFO

Aug 18th, 2014. 3:50 pm. I had Just Arrived home from a day of wrenching at the speed shop i was working at in Ferrisburgh, VT. I am a fabricator and performance mechanic by trade. Motorsports is my life.

I washed up, and then proceeded to make some food. Finishing that up I thought to myself “it’s a super nice afternoon. Not hot, not humid, and super clear and dry.” You would be able to see the Milky Way belt later that night from my porch and driveway. So I thought, “I’m going to enjoy my front porch and sit out and watch the night sky for a few hours as it gets dark.

Well, only about 20min later, while sitting on my porch. A huge caravan of Town police, State police, SWAT, FBI, Military and unmarked federal vehicles barreled down South Main Street going east towards Duxbury. it was 10-12 vehicles at emergency operational speed all within a ½ a car length of each other doing 60mph in a 25mph zone. This kind of thing never happens here. So I knew something big was going on.

I ran inside and started looking online for local news channels or web sites that might be covering what was up. Sure enough, just under a mile away WCAX was covering a story “State police had received a call to check on Paul Sweetser, 58, Monday 18th. Family members had called police because Sweetser was threatening to harm himself.”

So at this point I went back outside to the sound and sight of a military Helicopter flying through the green mountain range over Waterbury, over route 89 and over my house going South towards Sweetser's house.

So, I went to the end of my parking lot where the trees open up and witnessed the Heli slow down, and drop a bit in altitude and start circling around the general neighborhood where the report was coming from. They stayed at about 1000-1500ft in elevation. But then at about 7:30-9:45pm, they started circling a much larger area than the house in question on that street, and they were frequently rotating Helicopters in and out for refueling. I saw 5 or 6 different helicopters in the sky that night in the span of 5hrs doing the same circular patrol while spot lighting large areas of trees and woods around the neighborhood. Spotlighting the woods. Not even the house in question.

So now it’s just after 9:50pm I have been watching the ground and aerial activity around and over this neighborhood for over 5 hrs now. Mesmerized but what I was Witnessing. Basically a huge military presence on the road ways, and aerial activity that the state police were not accountable for. That also went un mentioned in any kind of official report of the incident by the state or the papers.

This is when I witnessed the UFO. It was now 9:56. I’ll never forget the time.

the last military chopper in the air to circle the neighborhood had just turned out of the patrol loop and gone back over the green mountain range towards Fort Ethan Allen. When I saw the impossible.

I’ve seen shooting stars, I've seen super sonic jets brake the sound barrier, I’ve seen space shuttles float by in orbit, I’ve seen the international space station float on by, and I’ve seen meteors & meteorites, I've flown drones and seen military drones be flown.

This was none of the above.

About a ¼ mile west of the Sweetser’s house. Up on the ridge that parallels the west side of that neighborhood. A ball or orb of brilliant blue/white light, very much the same color as a plasma arc from a plasma cutter or torch, glowed blue/white at the center and glowed a intense white on the edges, from what looked like heat dispersion. It was low in the trees and then proceeded to gain a little elevation at about 10-15mph, then eventually appearing fully visible above the tallest spruce pines at the top of the ridge. It then gained an additional 500ft in elevation above the ridge and stopped.

It sat there hovering for 5-6 seconds and then proceeded to move due East at approx. 5-10mph. right around half the speed it had been traveling up out of the trees with, right towards Sweetser’s house, it then went right over top of the house at the same elevation approx. 500ft, when It frantically and instantly changed direction and speed. But not in a way I've ever witne! ssed.

See below.

Imagine if yoou will, a potentiometer that you could rotate left or right. that would supply input to a mechanical arm that holds a pen on paper. Move the knob left and the pen moves up as the paper goes by. Move the potentiometer right, and the pen moves down as the paper goes by, it would make a smooth wavy line left to right due to a more smooth analog input Now imagine a 3-way switch controlling the pen. Up, on the switch would move the pen up. Center position of the switch would be earth, and down with the switch, would move it down. Creating a squarer sine wave type line. Not totally square corners or perfectly vertical lines would be produced, but I think it’s a close enough example to relate the difference in visual outcome to the difference in input This UFO changed Direction like the square sine wave on the right And then instantly accelerated like I’ve never seen anything accelerate before.

First It made the instant turn at 500ft, and then went into what looked like an inter-planetary trajectory or an interstellar one. It looked to progressively get smaller relative to the rate it was moving, but more importantly, it instantly got up to speed after it changed direction @ 500ft, and continued at that speed until it disappeared from view. It looked like the size of a star a few million light years away when it disappeared from view I still to this day have trouble contemplating the physics of what I saw. It made absolutely no sense.

After this was witnessed I felt very taken back, receded, an ominous feel was in the air.

So I felt the need to drive over to the neighborhood where this all happened, so as to drive by the house and see if some state police where still there, and maybe spot one of the unmarked FBI or military vehicles not near that property. Or ones that hadn’t been reported by WCAX.

So I went by. A few state troopers were still there. But that was it. So at that point I now wanted to get as close as I could to the launch location as possible. And I thought the use of the big field between Sweetser’s house and the mtn ridge where the UFO took off from would be the best bet. So Remember this was a crystal clear, dry, Aug night. And up here in VT especially in the valley I live in. If it’s hot and humid during the day, clouds will settle into the valleys at night You’ll wake up to heavy fog in the A.M. only to realize that a few hours later, it’s all evaporated and actually a blue bird day without a cloud in the sky. The reason I mentioned this is because That field at 11:12 on a clear, clear, clear, very dry night was full of humidity & precipitation. but only hovering about 12-24” off the surface of the grass. Very, very weird atmospheric conditions close by this aerial anomaly.

P.S. Later that week the local Sunday paper stated that he had been talking crazy, yelling gibberish, acting erratically, and threatening to take his own life.

I hope this is summary gives you enough detail to feel severity of this sighting.

It certainly was one hell of a spectacle Thank you for your time.