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Occurred : 8/13/2016 23:33 (Entered as : 8/13/216 23:33)
Reported: 8/13/2016 10:25:01 PM 22:25
Posted: 8/16/2016
Location: Fargo, ND
Shape: Sphere
Duration:6 minutes
23:33 Fargo ND one craft seen in south east sky hovering over red river. Moved - flashing lights for few sec then went away 6-10 min

46°50'23.5"N 96°50'20.3"W 46.839858, -96.838962 Looking towards Directions 46°50'21.9"N 96°50'13.2"W 46.839410, -96.836999

At approximately 23:33 August 14, 2016, while on a walk near 28th st Fargo, ND. I looked up and seen a very bright object. It was too bright for a plane and it was not blinking. It moved North West and seemed to be positioned over the red river south east of me. I grabbed my phone and tried to take a video but could not get a very good resolution. It was somewhat flat on the bottom mixed with a sphere look. The entire object seemed to be a bright glow. As it slowed down I started seeing green, yellow, blue and red colors flashing a few times below. After that it moved south east very slowly and stopped again. I only seen a few colors on the bottom.

After sitting for a few minutes, it started to move slow going south east again. It seemed to gain elevation as the complete opposite as it had done while getting closer to its destination. There was no noise and when looking at the video I took it seemed to be approximately the same size of the moon in the camera however it was only 1/8 size in real life. The object started to dim as it gained altitude and distance away from me. I do have the videos and one picture.

This has been more than a dozen sightings in my life both in the US and Australia. The first being in summer of 2008 three blocks west of red river in Grand Forks, ND, on the north side of the city. Triangle craft flew over our house. No sound, tree top height, it had three white glowing domes on bottom of craft located in each edge of the triangle.

A red light started to appear and lines going towards the red light located in the exact center. It then started accelerating very quickly and with the speed and no noise we came to a conclusion that it is using anti-gravity or magnetic propulsion.

As we watched it go directly south we noticed the curvature of the earth. It continued going straight instead of increasing altitude with the earth.

Two witnesses for several events.