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Occurred : 8/6/2016 11:30 (Entered as : 08/06/16 11:30)
Reported: 8/6/2016 2:33:38 PM 14:33
Posted: 8/16/2016
Location: Glendale, CA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:60 seconds
Huge black triangular UFO seen over Los Angeles, CA, at 11:30 AM, August 06, 2016.

While taking a taxi to work today around 11:30 AM, I saw a huge, black triangular shape in the distance south of where I was traveling in the Atwater area of Los Angeles near Glendale. I first saw the object while the car was driving on Glendale Blvd and continued to watch it off and on as we drove onto Hyperion.

The object was solid black, triangular shaped, and seemed to fade into what looked like a grainy smoke, and then became very solid and metallic looking again. It was low in the horizon just above the tree tops in the distance.

I told the taxi driver about it, but because he was driving in traffic, he could not stop to take a look at it.

I am not a crackpot. I am a registered nurse and I know what I saw.

I have lived in the Los Angeles area for many years and I know what the Goodyear Blimp looks like. It was not the blimp!