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Occurred : 7/27/2016 22:30 (Entered as : 7/27/16 22:30)
Reported: 7/28/2016 3:43:38 AM 03:43
Posted: 8/2/2016
Location: Mountain Home, ID
Shape: Formation
Duration:2-4 minutes
Two UFOs witnessed between Boise and Mountain Home

Was driving a truck eastbound on I-84 towards mountain home. The actual UFO looked to be about where Mountain Home, ID, should have been and maybe even beyond that.

I was just around mile marker 70 when I spotted what appeared to be two darker orange glowing objects, both leaving a trail of the same orange streak that seemed to also sort of change to white intermittently. They were coming from the South and flew next to each other in an arc towards the horizon in a North East direction.

The entire episode lasted what I would estimate to be between 2-4 minutes in total. Initially, I thought they were jets. Because there is an airfare base in Mountain Home, but these were too colorful (in my opinion) to be jet streams. They were moving fast enough that I didn't think them to be commercial airliners, but still too slow to be meteorites or shooting stars.

As the two objects came across my peripheral, they seemed to change from orange to white. Finally, as they were moments from the horizon. The bigger object (or maybe just the closer one) seemed to burst a green glow from the front of it. Something that also made it seem to accelerate in a downward motion towards the horizon. As the flash of green occurred, the smaller object of the two (or maybe just the farther one) seemed to gain momentum and pass the larger object. As it did so, objects became increasingly brighter (orange/white), and trailing the farther object (which at this point seems to be roughly the same size as the larger) has at least 2 white dots following behind it.

So in a line, the farthest object that now appears to be the same size and ahead of the close one, and behind it a least 2, possibly 3 white dots following behind in it's orange trail. Close behind is the second original object with it's own trail. Could not distinguish any objects in the second one's trail...mostly out of excitement.

Seconds after these extra objects were noticed, the whole formation of lights and trails disappeared behind what might have been mountains over the far North East horizon.

I'm not opposed to constructive criticism in any way, so if this sounds like a normal happenstance involving meteorites or something similar please let me know. I've looked into videos of shooting stars and things but haven't seen anything closely resembling what I experienced this last night driving.

((NUFORC Note: Chinese rocket re-entry. PD))