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Occurred : 5/21/2015 09:30 (Entered as : 05/21/2015 09:30)
Reported: 5/18/2016 5:55:20 PM 17:55
Posted: 5/20/2016
Location: Creston (Canada), BC
Shape: Other
Duration:10-30 seconds
Barbell shaped craft hovers over mountain/highway prior to moving due north at incredible speed.

This is a little old. I was camping with a friend at champion lake for the may long weekend of 2014, a small town near creston in the interior of British Columbia Canada. Funnily enough the night prior to this I thought to myself, "wouldn't it be funny if I saw a UFO?" Breaking camp relatively early the next day after the long weekend of camping with my friend, I started the several hour long drive back home. I had already been driving for about an hour, and at around 10am is the actual sighting. Just prior to entering from the east side of creston, there's a long straight stretch of highway with nothing around besides clear cut patches on the mountains from logging. Bored already from the drive I was fiddling with the radio trying to find a station, keeping one eye on the road. Initially I saw something "strange" in front of the mountain roughly half way to two thirds up the mountainside, just off to the right of the highway. I looked back to the radio and fiddled with the dial for a couple seconds, when what I saw finally processed.

Gasping and looking back up, the object was still there. I let off the gas and started coasting while looking at it as much as I could. The object was almost identical in appearance to a barbell piercing held at arm's length. It had the same sort of surgical steel finish (that is to say, polished and bright/reflective steel), only with a very faint blue tinge to the finish (as a welder by trade, it looked similar to the blueing of a heat treatment, or anodising, if done uniformly across a massive craft).

The object at that distance, I estimated to be around a hundred metres in length, maybe slightly longer, with two balls on either end connected by a long cylinder. If at a hundred metres in length, each ball would be about 20-25 metres diameter, with the connecting shaft around 40-50 metres long and fifteen or twenty across. The second part I noticed was a slight shimmer or distortion around the craft, like a heat shimmer, but at that distance of several km away such a shimmer shouldn't be apparent. And it shouldn't be more noticeable on the underside of the craft, with less of a shimmer above it if it were heat caused by the sun.

I blinked, even shifted my head and angle in case it was debris on the windshield or my glasses/eyes. That made no difference, and I then kept my eyes fixated on it, remembering stories of people looking away and whatever it is "disappearing".

For roughly five to ten seconds, it was absolutely motionless, and I was considering pulling over to get my DSLR out as fast as I could. But as the thought occurred to me, the craft wavered slightly in place, each end going up and down slightly by a couple degrees, before angling down on the north facing end, and accelerating instantly from a standstill hover, to 1500-2000kph if not doubling that, through the mountains. This was an instant acceleration, if I had blinked, I wouldn't have caught the motion blur of it leaving and would have thought it disappeared. In my car and at that distance, I do not know if there was a sonic boom, but there was absolutely no contrail or exhaust apparent.

It passed behind the next mountain and I lost sight of it. Though I didn't stop until getting into town, I checked my phone and by the map, it took an almost directly north route between the mountains without gaining altitude to fly over them.

I fumbled in the passenger seat for my sketchbook, and with one hand shakily sketching out what I saw. The proportions are all wrong, but I challenge anyone else to make as coherent a drawing while doing 100kph down a highway with one hand and one eye on the road.

I've had my view of it not being a military craft questioned. But I've been to enough American air bases and watched f-18s do maneuvers alongside harriers practising vtol, had some very close fly bys of pilots buzzing campgrounds in iowa, and seen the American Blue Angels as well as the Canadian Snowbirds doing practise maneuvers on multiple occasions over cities I lived in through the years. Not once have I ever seen a military jet come close to that kind of instant acceleration, overall speed, or seen a craft shaped anything remotely like that in any profile view. Beyond that, the sheer speed this craft attained was phenomenal, and by comparison it's like watching a vw beetle race a super car. The speed I estimate to be as high as it is, is because I've seen jets on maneuvers before, and while I've watched military jets reach 500-700kph, this was easily two to three times the speed I've ever seen any military craft so at the same altitude. By comparison, those jets I've se! en were crawling.

For a view of the location, enter these coordinates into Google earth. I was West bound on this stretch of highway, and you can't miss the mountain directly ahead that I refer to.

49.143181,-116.225440 There was something which happened the night prior to this, but that's somewhat not as reliable or as noteworthy as the bulk of the story which I just related. If you'd like me to expand on that or any other portion, I can do so if there's interest.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD))