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Occurred : 2/20/2016 19:30 (Entered as : 02/20/16 19:30)
Reported: 3/5/2016 6:53:19 AM 06:53
Posted: 3/11/2016
Location: Gresham, OR
Shape: Flash
Duration:2 seconds
Super bright flash of light a week after a wave of UFO sightings.

With a friend in front yard having a cigarette. The sky was partly cloudy with a pretty consistent mass of light cloud directly overhead when a very bright noiseless flash occurred directly over us.

It was from straight overhead and lit up my neighborhood evenly. Like a massive flashbulb going off.

There was no thunder before or after. No sound at all. And there was no lighting either before or after. The big flash did not look like any lightening I’ve ever seen and I have experienced a lot of lightning.

The only reason I am writing about what MIGHT be assumed to be lightening is that it occurred a little over a week after a major wave of UFO sightings that myself and many others along the West Coast witnessed and as illustrated on the home page of NUFORC’s site.

Has any other witness of the major wave on 02/10/16 seen anything like what I describe above since that big sighting? Seen a big flash of light or anything else?