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Occurred : 2/29/2016 23:00 (Entered as : 2/29/16 23:00)
Reported: 3/2/2016 3:37:48 PM 15:37
Posted: 3/4/2016
Location: Salunga/Landisville area right by highway 283, PA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:5-15 minutes
Pennsylvania triangular aircraft sighting.

I was driving home with a buddy from a friends house when he shockingly yelled out of the window "What ((deleted)) is that!?" Meanwhile I only caught a glimpse because I was trying to focus on the road but when I finally did see this odd aircraft I freaked out. It was the biggest thing I ever saw pilot through the sky.

So quickly I pulled over the car to get a better look. The object was maybe 1000 ft high from ground level which is actually very close and I could pretty much see its make up even though it was dark. The object was your "generic" triangular shape with a white light on every point of the triangle and a small flickering red light in the center. The object was far too big to be a helicopter and almost too big to be any type of large plan. The object also made absolutely no sound which is ridiculous for something of that size and low to the ground. I knew for a fact this was not an aircraft that was normal to these skies. The object moved at a very slow pace but seemed to be covering ground quickly do to its size. The aircraft also made several manuvers that seemed odd for any normal aircraft, flying almost completely sideways at some points. I was only able to witness this terrifyingly stunning phenomenon for about 10 minutes before the craft Heade over some trees...! I decided to get back in the car and pull forward to see behind the trees but after that I no longer saw the object.

I've always believed in the type of activity but still never had any prove. I can say that my friend and I witnessed something incredible and we both have a story to tell wether we sound crazy or not. All I know is that it was real and happening right before my eyes. This all occurred by highway 283 Salunga/Landisville are in Pennsylvania between the hours of 10-12 (not sure exact time).

Everyone please look up and open your eyes.