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Occurred : 2/15/2016 03:00 (Entered as : 02/15/16 3:00)
Reported: 2/15/2016 11:10:30 AM 11:10
Posted: 2/19/2016
Location: East Aurora, NY
Shape: Triangle
Duration:10 minutes
I was traveling south bound on the 400. I noticed in the distance above trees what looked like a Chinese lantern, but very bright, as if the paper was on fire. Then I realized as I got closer it was super bright. It was low in the sky right above the tree tops and then my thought was a tower on fire, which sounded way strange. It kept coming closer.very bright. For a minute it was hidden by trees then I saw it even closer. Bright red orange light, like those fireballs people report. It was moving slowly and about to cross over the highway. I immediately pulled over and stuck my head out the window to get a good looks as it flew over. It was hard to see the body of it. It was triangular shaped with red and blue lights going along the side, possibly blinking, dark metal body possibly black. I couldn't see the bright fiery light as it passed over and could hear no sound over my car, which is newer economy car and not loud at all. I watched it pass over and disappear behind more trees, again it was very slow moving no helicopter sounds. This is the second time I've seen one of these crafts in my region and am now seeing their has been other reports.