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Occurred : 1/21/2016 23:30 (Entered as : 01/21/16 23:30)
Reported: 1/22/2016 10:12:17 AM 10:12
Posted: 1/23/2016
Location: Burbank, CA
Shape: Sphere
Duration:1-2 minutes
Large bright orange sphere, rapidly descending from NE to W.

My sister and I were raised as military kids. Father was an Air Force pilot. I was a Flight Attendant for many years. I am retired and my sister is approaching retirement in the next few years.

On night of 01/21/16, between 23:15 and 23:40, we were outside on west side of house. I was facing NW talking to my sister when coming from the NE traveling WNW I saw a very bright orange ball of light rapidly descending.

It made no noise and left no trail. I pointed it out to my sister and we watched it for a few seconds then I turned to my left to observe the full moon to try to get a size comparison. It was slightly larger than the full moon and very bright. The closest color comparison would be terracotta with a little more yellow added.

We watched it continue to descend for several more seconds then I went into the house to get my cell phone to try to get a video. My sister continued to watch. She went from the backyard, to front yard, to street to watch its descent. By the time I got back it was gone. She said it went out of sight. Our street runs N to W and she said she lost sight of it right over the street facing west.