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Occurred : 1/8/2016 02:23 (Entered as : 01/08/2016 02:23)
Reported: 1/8/2016 4:13:39 AM 04:13
Posted: 1/8/2016
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Shape: Light
Duration:1 minute
Green blinking light in the sky

I was walking back to my apartment near summerlin with my boyfriend from a movie at 2:20am and I looked up at the sky ahead and saw a green light that looked like a big star.

The light was hovering high in the sky and then started moving erratically from right to left. It then shot up in the sky and hovered again but this time started blinking rapidly for a couple seconds and then would stop. The light then would disappear only for a moment and started glowing green again.

My boyfriend also witnessed the light and could not explain what it was. I then saw it rapidly descend below the trees and houses. I stayed outside for a few more minutes to see if anything came back but nothing happened after that.