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Occurred : 1/4/2016 18:30 (Entered as : 01/04/2016 18:30)
Reported: 1/4/2016 5:14:48 PM 17:14
Posted: 1/5/2016
Location: Roberts County, SD
Shape: Sphere
Duration:5 minutes
Mystery orb which changed direction.

Just after sundown, in evening chores, my Fiance and I were returning to the house, when directly north, at approximately 35 degrees above the horizon, I noticed a very bright white light that appeared, in a slow illumination, like one would see with a roman candle effect.

I blinked in thinking my eyes were playing tricks on me and it was gone.

We decided to go for a walk and as we were trying to ascertain what I had just seen, we both witnessed about 3 minutes later the same white slow flash of light, which was now about 70 degrees in the sky, and had moved closer to us, having moved at a southwest direction.

We both noted as the light faded, that a very small pin prick light was still visible at the center. There are commercial jets in this area which is flyover country, and this was moving at a higher speed than they would, and seemed to coast as the light faded.

The light appeared again in the bright illumination, followed by the pin prick of light and then it completely disappeared. The direction was north by northeast.

This was not a commercial craft in it did not have running lights. It was the size each time of a rural neon security light approximately a mile away in viewing, which would be about 5 times brighter than the brightest star.

There was not any sound or any other features of this object, which changed course and direction.

The light was not an illumination light either as in military craft have in landing strobes as it did not project. It was pretty like a falling star, but meteors do not change course or wink in and wink out.