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Occurred : 12/13/2014 22:00 (Entered as : 12/13/14 22:00)
Reported: 12/13/2015 8:45:05 PM 20:45
Posted: 12/17/2015
Location: Shenandoah, PA
Shape: Disk
Duration:20 minutes
Miniature Big Dipper-like UFO, seen during Geminid meteor shower.

Standing outside with my friend, watching the geminid meteor shower, december 13, 2015, at about 10pm. My friend asked "What is that? Is it moving, or am I seeing things?" and pointed above our roof. So I looked up and saw what appeared to be a teeny tiny, but extra bright, version of the big dipper constellation.

The tiny non-constellation was sitting in a place that I had never seen stars before, and where my friend confirmed no stars had been visible ever before. After we stared for a few minutes more lights turned on, and instead of looking like mini dipper, it then appeared to have 2 parallel slightly curved rows of about 7 lights each. The lights blinked or flickered individually, but not in any particular pattern. One light, in the middle on the upper row, that had previously appeared to be the start of the mini dippers handle, didn't seem to blink and was brighter than the others.

It had been stationary (aside form the blinking), and we couldn't tell how far up it was, just that it was above the clouds. There was no sound coming from it, but I had been on the phone with my mom for about half an hour precluding the sighting and for the duration of it (relaying what I was seeing on the phone). My phone did break up quite noticeably when we were standing beneath it.

After we watched it for maybe 10 minutes, the lights looked bigger (as if moving towards up) and then smaller (as if moving away), though staying in the same basic position as it had been the whole time. The lights very slowly got dimmer over the course of about 10 more minutes, until they disappeared completely.