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Occurred : 8/22/2015 23:05 (Entered as : 08-22-2015 23:05)
Reported: 11/26/2015 3:54:51 AM 03:54
Posted: 11/26/2015
Location: Maidstone (UK/Enland),
Shape: Other
Duration:8 seconds
4 boomerang shaped craft fly in formation seemingly attached to one another, flying in impossible way.

As it was a heatwave, I decided to spend the evening looking at the stars, watching for anything unusual. I had seen several meteors and very tiny hard to see satellites pace across the sky. One of the satellite sightings was unusual as two tiny pricks of faded light followed the exact same course North to South across my garden. I have never seen that before. I had also seen a bird with stiff looking wings fly over which surprised me as it was dark. I noted the wings were being lit up by the orange streetlights around here. I decided it was gliding and thought I saw it flap as it went out of sight. We have seagulls here which I have seen fly at night in the past, but not often.

The heat wave drove many people outside, countless voices jabbered around my tiny garden and I didn’t want to eavesdrop so I put on the radio and listened to C2CAM. The atmosphere was noisy but not really loud.

I should point out that I spend hours at a time in the garden for the specific purpose of understanding what is in the sky and how things move up there. One night a helicopter circled over my place (and a hundred other peoples places) for over an hour, it drove me back indoors as it was so loud and ruining my peace.

I am an amateur sound engineer so I am always fascinated by strange sounds and their origin. If there was a conventional craft passing over me that night, I am sure I would have heard it, and had a good guess at what type of aircraft went over from the sound.

At 23:05, I was laying back on my recliner, watching the stars, relaxed and listening to George Noory, my eyes were instantly attracted to the speeding orange shapes cutting across my garden from South to West North West. I sat up! The objects were about to go out of sight behind my bathroom so I sprinted forward, knocking my DSLR as I went and looked round the building to see them fly away from me. At first I thought the trailing object was attached to the other three and they were all part of the same structure, but the trailing one did quick, insect like speedy movements making it easily appear separated. The objects had a wobble, like they were all independently moving. When I watched them leave it felt exactly like the moment in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, the scene where the little red light acts like a comical puppy trying to catch up to the other craft with playful moves. The trailing light flitted toward and away from the formation of three with incredi! ble speed and fluidity. I watched until they were gone. That area of town is very highly polluted with light, there are lots of main roads and roundabouts in that direction. The craft sped away and I was left dumbfounded and annoyed that I had a camera right there and I could not use it. It was in the middle of another 25 second exposure photograph and was not ready for a fast encounter like this one! I ran into the house to tell my partner and write down what I had just witnessed. I was not trembling as hard as I expected, but I was trembling as I wrote and related the tale to my Partner who was napping and had just been woken by my sudden excitable appearance, bless him. I also went on to make a short video blog whilst the event was still fresh in my mind.