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Occurred : 11/21/2015 19:32 (Entered as : 11/21/15 19:32)
Reported: 11/21/2015 6:51:30 AM 06:51
Posted: 11/26/2015
Location: Franklin, TN
Shape: Triangle
Duration:5 minutes
Flying bright triangular object hovering over neighborhood

My cousin, my child, and I were driving coming down a hill and I noticed bright lights in the sky right above the tree line. At first, I believed it was an airplane, but it was too low and the lights did not move instead they remained stationary. My cousin sitting next to me in the passender seat also noticed these light without me saying anything. I told him to try and record it and we did catch it on video.

What caught our attention was how low the lights were to the ground the shape as we approacued closers was triangular and had about 6-8 very bright lights surrounding the triangular shape. The object was directly in top of the neighborhood we were heading towrds. The light then proceeded to move across the street and directly above the tree line in the neighborhood across the street from our destination. We lowered our windows and did not hear any noise coming from the flying object, it was completely silent outside.

In the video you can here me saying, " is it landing?" As it appeared the object was falling towrds the ground very slowly. Then it started to move along the tree line parallel to the road we were driving on.

As we turned into the neighborhood of our destination, we felt uneasy because the object was literally flying parallel to our neighborhood and we still had a very clear view of it. The flying object appeared very large in size and triangular, the lights were bright white, did not flash, and seemed as if they were attached to the object.

We got to our destination and looked out the house window to see if it was still visible, but the trees obstructed our view. The whole incident lasted about 5 minuses that we personally saw, though there is no way of knowing how long it had been hovering above the spot where we first saw it.