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Sighting Report
Occurred : 10/16/2015 19:00 (Entered as : 10/16/15 19:00)
Reported: 10/16/2015 9:41:55 PM 21:41
Posted: 10/29/2015
Location: Fort Collins, CO
Shape: Triangle
Duration:7:55pm - 8:34pm
A friend and I noticed three triangular crafts directly overhead.

Witness 1: A friend and I were at Spring Canyon Park, Fort Collins CO, having a conversation, when I noticed what appeared to be a kite like object gliding through the air above me. I could barely distinguish it from the darkness of the sky, but I could see it enough to determine a shape.

It was a V-shape with five dark grey circles, two on either side and one in the middle. It was maybe 500 feet in the air and moving slightly faster than that of a plane making absolutely no noise.

My friend did not notice this first sighting, so I took him to the other side of park in hopes that it would return.

At 8:15pm, we both noticed what looked like a similar craft to that of the first sighting gliding north to south more to the west then the original craft. We then decided to lay down and sk watch hoping to see another craft. At 8:27pm we noticed a very large craft roughly 500 feet in the air. It was noticeably larger than the other two. noticeably this craft was a different shape. this one being ! a wide set isosceles triangle. It flew northwest to southeast directly over us at a lower altitude than the other two crafts and this time it flashed many intricate small lights over us before it disappeared.

Witness 2: At around 7:55 my friend claimed that he saw a V-shaped UFO in the sky. I was a little skeptical at first, however I was intrigued, so I decided to listen to what he had to say. we proceeded to skywatch in different locations around the park and at 8:15pm he spotted a V-shaped craft again this time I was quick enough to catch a 3 to 5 second glimpse before it vanished into the night sky. I felt like we should stay and see if it would return again. we found a place to lie down and watch the sky. My friend noticed yet again it coming before I, however it was undoubtedly visible and different than the previous craft.

Around 30 small intricate lights lit up overhead. the craft made no noise at all and as it passed us, the lights dimmed until the craft vanished.