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Occurred : 10/9/2015 (Entered as : 10/9/15)
Reported: 10/8/2015 6:24:18 PM 18:24
Posted: 10/9/2015
Location: Stroud (UK/England),
Shape: Disk
Massive spaceship appeared from nowhere in sky!?!.

Last couple of nights have seen flashing light just over wooded area. But couldn't tell what it was. Thought it could possibly be a satellite. So when I went out with dogs for last walk went out to look in the same area to see if it was still there and if I could see it any clearer. As the sky is very clear tonight and the other evenings it had been overcast and/or misty.

When I first looked there was nothing there at all. But as I continued to look an extremely large and slowly descending spaceship appeared. I could clearly see that there were lights on both circles (levels) red, white and blue. But as it got lower the red and blue lights went out and many of the white lights turned off. So even though I knew it was a massive ship it looked a lot smaller. It then moved off slowly into the distance. And there was no noise from it at all. At this point my dogs started barking and running around as though there was someone around.

I became a little freaked and came in the house.