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Occurred : 10/3/2015 03:23 (Entered as : 10/03/15 03:23)
Reported: 10/3/2015 11:56:20 PM 23:56
Posted: 10/9/2015
Location: Sallisaw, OK
Shape: Other
Duration:15 seconds
Super brilliant emerald green sphere with surface plates made of 1 foot square plates like an octagon.

Going North 2 miles on old 17 highway, off of E 1050 road. Going approx. 45 mph, coming up to a 4-way intersection. Just a house lot due East of the intersection, which would be NE from the intersection origin point, I saw a brilliant emerald green light that appeared to be in the back yard of this house that was on the N side of the road running East from the intersection. The first house on that road.

I believe it flashed twice, or was in the “on” position twice. When I first saw it, naturally looking through a car windshield and right next to my rearview mirror where it came through at me, I had to do a double take like, what is that, am I seeing things and all that. It almost seemed like a ray of its light struck me, or the vehicle. But when I say struck I do not mean with a force. Shined my way I guess.

It was so brilliantly bright emerald green. It looked like it was the shape of chandelier ball, the kind that have hundreds of little 1 inch square mirrors on them, but these were more like 1 foot squares, maybe 2 foot squares. But I can’t emphasize enough how brilliantly emerald green the light was. It was not normal light.

It seemed to “come on” twice in this back yard behind this house. In the same spot. I wanna say just West of the green light was a smaller white light but not sure.

The 2nd thing I pondered was, somebody welding. Because when someone is welding behind a structure, it kicks out a light and shadow really brilliant. But this was the most emerald green light or thing I’ve ever seen.

So, when I got to the intersection, I turned R going E and slowed down and looked over at this house. Went on down the road, turned around and came back. Never saw anything at all. Then I went on North along my route.

This evening about 7:00 pm, I drove out there and asked these people if they had a welder or a light. They were old folks. They said no. I was able to look in the back yard a bit to see if there were any burned spots on the grass or ground. I looked from my truck, didn’t get out. But couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary. And the people looked at me like I was crazy of course. Then I left.

I cannot get over how brilliantly emerald green it was. It was out of the ordinary. And, like I said, the first time I saw it, it was like it flashed me. Like one of the mirror plates flashed me in the face, and I was at least a good 3/8 of a mile from it, maybe almost a half. It was just so brilliantly emerald bright green. It just wasn’t normal. So, I don’t know. I thought I saw one several years ago one night south of Fayetteville, AR, on I-540, but it was a white light and not even close to being brilliant.

One final note. Years ago an acquaintance told us that he saw one. The location of where he said he saw it, seems to be on the same line of latitude as this thing that I saw. His would have been approx. 1.5 to 2 miles West of here, and then going North along the big Sallisaw Creek up to McCoy Ford. He said he was south of McCoy Ford on the creek. He didn’t say how far south, but rd 1050 E bisects the big Sallisaw Creek if you go straight west from where I saw what I saw last night.

From the UFO shape database poster, what I saw was similar to either C5 or G9. But it did not look like either of them, only similar. This thing was sort of an energy mass type of thing, with emerald green sort of transperancy.