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Occurred : 8/19/2015 20:25 (Entered as : 081915 20:25)
Reported: 9/7/2015 2:11:46 AM 02:11
Posted: 9/11/2015
Location: Sumner, WA
Shape: Other
Duration:5 15 min
Bright white light, flying extremely low and very low sound over Sumner, WA.

About 9:15, went to the library with my dog. We had been seeing a large lop eared bunny in that area for a few nights. My dog loves to chase squirrels and bunnies. She’s too old and fat to catch them but she enjoys the chase and it gives here exercise.

Sky was dark, lots of stars, busy flight path (Sea-Tac Intl airport about 15 or so miles away). It was warm out. I sat on a curb facing the Puyallup River (could be a different river name), that runs behind the library. Noticed a white light moving in the sky very high. I could tell that it was moving because I could see movement through the leaves and branches of a big maple tree. I took some pics and only one showed the light and in the pic, it looks like a yellow orb but to my eye, it looked white. I moved into a large parking area free of trees to get a better look and it looked like a planet – it was not twinkling – just a white light high in the sky. I was thinking that if one didn’t have a stationary object to use as a reference point, it would be very hard to realize that it was moving – one would probably think it to be a planet. I watched it for about 15 minutes and tried to take a video of it but it was not visible in the camera.

Decided to go across the street and walk over to the field between the Post Office and Mc Lendon’s. There had been a car parked in the library parking lot for two nights in a row while we were there and I wanted to keep distance from it. We began to reach the outer edge of the parking lot when I decided not to walk all the way to the field because I didn’t have my flashlight. I turned to walk back the way we came when an extremely bright white light, which appeared as a large white orb, very low in the sky, caught my eye. It was very unusual. It seemed to be heading in our direction from the middle of town. I moved closer into the McLendon’s parking lot and turned on the recording button on the camera. I could see it very well and it was bright but the recording didn’t show it as it looked to me and I couldn’t see it through the screen of the camera until it was very close. There had to be people that seen this thing! It was so low and bright, it had to have caught someone’! s attention. As it got closer, like almost to the AM PM, it clearly had 5 super bright lights in a row – shaped like princess cut diamonds that sparkled and one red slow blinking light underneath – funny, I did not see any structure to this object for how close it was. It seemed to have a plane sound but very quiet sound of a plane – which didn’t make sense either. I felt like I had been standing there observing this thing for a long time and felt self conscious about it feeling this thing may be a ‘plane’ and here I am recording it in the parking lot, so I quickly turned the camera off after it passed in front of me. If it was a plane – it was the quietest plane I ever seen but then it did not have any structure of a plane. Maybe those 5 bright white lights blinded my vision..? I wish I would have continued recording it to see if it got into the flight path. That’s another thing, I am an avid sky watcher in this town and have lived here over 18 years, I have seen a lot o! f things and I have never seen a plane fly the direction that ! it did…but who knows…watch the recording and let me know if you think you know what it is….Thanks.

((NUFORC Note: Source of report indicates that the date of the event is approximate. PD))