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Occurred : 9/6/2015 20:30 (Entered as : 09/06/15 20:30)
Reported: 9/6/2015 6:32:58 PM 18:32
Posted: 9/11/2015
Location: Sharon, PA
Shape: Light
Duration:20 minutes
An orangeish-red hovering light appeared, disappeared, reappeared, then faded away into the sky.

I was driving in my car and as I was moving toward the south I noticed an orangeish-red light in the sky. There were several stars visible already, and this was quite a bit larger. It was about a quarter the size of a full moon. At first, I considered it to be a helicopter or an aircraft, yet it didn't move, it just hovered. I watched it as I drove for about three minutes. When I got to a stop sign, I took a picture with my phone and waited there for a minute.

There were others walking on the street who were pointing to it. I turned east and could no longer see it and about two minutes later asked my husband to come get in the car. We drove around for about five minutes trying to find it but it was gone.

As we were walking in the house, again we noticed it in the sky. Behind it were light clouds. I had to take my son in to get him to sleep, and my husband watched it for about five minutes until he saw that it had disappeared.

I went outside about ten minutes later and walked around and eventually it reappeared again. It was in a different position in the sky but still was not moving. I called a neighbor and waited for him to arrive, and after glowing in the sky, it slowly faded smaller and smaller until it was no longer observable.

It did not flicker, blink, nor move. It was a hazy-type light. As I walked around with the neighbor again to see if we could spot it, another neighbor arrived and said that he, too, had seen it.