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Occurred : 9/21/2012 18:07 (Entered as : 09/21/2012 18:07)
Reported: 9/4/2015 3:40:43 PM 15:40
Posted: 9/11/2015
Location: Gardnerville, NV
Shape: Oval
Duration:5 minutes
A silver colored UFO that morphed into an orange round shaped translucent ball and then disappeared.

My wife and I were in the back yard of our residence in the afternoon about 6:00 pm. My wife looked up and noticed what appeared to be a jet fighter (maybe an f16) following a silver colored object that was not leaving a vapor trail like the jet was. She went into the house and got her camera which was a canon 7D with a 70/200 lens with a 2X extender. The objects were coming from the south and when she returned with her camera, the objects had passed over our house headed in a northwest direction over Lake Tahoe. She snapped a picture of the jet but the object it was chasing did not get into the picture. She then tried to take a shot of the silver object being chased but when she took the shot the object morphed into a circular orange colored ball that she did get a picture of. Within a second or two the orange ball disappeared. I will email the pictures to you. Note that the pictures have been slightly modified with Adobe Photoshop in order to zoom in on them, sharpen them and enhance the contrast.

I am a retired computer programmer and Vietnam vet. My wife is also retired and is currently a wildlife photographer. I hadn't considered reporting this to anyone, but I heard on the Art Bell show that there had been a lot of sightings of orange balls in the sky so thought I would share a report of this incident.