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Occurred : 8/12/2015 21:00 (Entered as : 8/12/15 21:00)
Reported: 8/13/2015 10:20:23 AM 10:20
Posted: 8/27/2015
Location: Spanaway, WA
Shape: Disk
Duration:all night
huge sphere/un-cloaked RIGHT in front of us,then took off warp speed/military helicopters EVERYWHERE afterwards all night long/FT. Lewis

During the meteor shower my girlfriend, my daughter, and myself were outside watching the very beginning of the shower. All of a sudden we start seeing a very bright light in the sky jumping around all over the place like a bouncy ball in the sky, nothing our crafts can do, as we are watching it, a HUGE disk-like object appeared out of no-where and accelerated at a speed i have never seen in my life.It was completely quiet, extremely close, and lit the entire sky and surrounding area up like day light when it took off. It took off so fast from a dead stop that it left a tracer of itself momentarily and had almost a plasma looking tail coming off he end of it, and in a flash it was gone, leaving a trail behind it which lingered for a moment. It shot off towards FT. Lewis, SW direction, and lit the ENTIRE sky when it did. However, it was faced almost in a downward direction when it took off, and looked like it could have landed in the FT. Lewis woods. Almost immediately afterwards, the sky lit up with unmarked helicopters which searched the back woods of Ft. Lewis for HOURS. They were definately looking for something, thry flew extremely low and had no lights or markers on, could only see the red blink of a safety light occasionally and you could hear the thunderous engines of the helicopters working overtime all night. We also noticed that almost right after the "ufo crash" or whatever it may have been, there were bright dots in the sky which would randomly show up, do some extremely crazy aeirial acrobatics, then appear to fade away. One of them came extremely close, and was bright as a spotlight, it was a completely round, extremely bright, white light that seemed to scan the area. I also think it's important to document that both my daughter, my girlfriend, and I kept feeling as though we were being watched, even before te sighting when we were just watching the meteor shower, and when the craft first appeared, it did seem to appear out of no-where. I have seen MANY meteor showers, as have my daughter and girlfriend. What we saw WAS NOT A METEOR, nor were the other objects. We also noticed more military planes and helicopters in the sky as the night went on, all neglecting to put on their main lights, just a couple red lights keep from having mid air collisions. I finally went to bed at a.m., and I could still hear the helicopters searching for whatever. It is important to note that there was not a single military vehicle in the air or area until literally RIGHT after the UFO sighting, all neighborhood dogs were going absolutely CRAZY. It was as if this thing un-cloaked itself and went into warp speed right in front of us. It was absoutely incredible, and I will NEVER forget what we saw last night for the rest of my life. Being during a meteor shower, I'm sure everyone will write it off as a meteor, but we know what we saw, and so does the military apparently, and that was NO METEOR.

Thank you for listening and for giving people somewhere to report our! sighting without feeling like we are going to be called crazy, I hope this is able to help someone in finding out the truth about what is going on in our skies and our world.