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Occurred : 7/13/2015 00:00 (Entered as : 7.13/15 0:00)
Reported: 7/15/2015 4:43:14 AM 04:43
Posted: 7/17/2015
Location: Port Angeles, WA
Shape: Sphere
Bright, star like but too close, multicolored orbs hovering and moving back and forth, seem to give off rays or bems at times

for several nights in a row flashing lighted objects in the sky over Port Angeles. first two nights I observed two. tonight there are three, with one directly overhead. Muliticolored, sometimes mainly orange, sometimes a bluish white w orange rim. smaller orbs are bright red or blue. I am a photographer.

I got several images at 250mm zoom using tripod and low light settings. remarkable images show a multi colored orb rabidly spinning and juking back and forth, splitting into two or three orbs and streaking leaving long multi-colored "tails". After all is said and done, they end up as one orb in the same spot.

I am not a conspiracy buff. I do not believe in ghosts or alien or the bogie man. I am a geology researcher and photographer by profession.

My girlfriend came out and watched for about an hour and also took pictures with a pretty good camera. if we are seeing it others must be too I would think. I don't like even reporting this, but I feel I have to because there is no information on what exactly they are even though around the world people are googling and photographing these orbs more and more. that worries me because they are definitely a part of our environment. I've even seen one during the day. I can't prove it, but I believe they spin the odd, stringy, geometric web-like clouds that are so unusual and "non-puffy".

If anyone has any rock solid, scientific, information on what these phenomena are called or what causes them I would be interested. photos available on facebook at the light orb page. hope this helps.