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Occurred : 6/16/2015 22:14 (Entered as : 6/16/2015 22:14)
Reported: 6/16/2015 8:58:40 PM 20:58
Posted: 6/19/2015
Location: Marietta, GA
Shape: Chevron
Duration:2 fly overs totaling 3 mi
I live on the 4th floor of a 4 story loft building in downtown Marietta, Georgia.

At approximately 10:14pm on 6/16/15, I was sitting on my patio and noticed a large, silent, boomerang (elongated chevron) shaped object with 3 dull amber lights on the bottom at each corner (could have been the rear as they were very small in relation to the craft), glide by at about 1000-2000ft North and 1000-2000ft altitude accompanied(or being chased) by a C-130 following 500-1000ft behind. The wingspan of the chevron appeared 80-90% that of the C-130. Both crafts appeared to be headed due East.

At approximately 10:16, I called a friend, who I know lives in the direction that the aircraft appeared to be flying. He and his girlfriend then went outside and nearly instantaneously saw something far more anomalous in the sky (I will allow him to report that seperately).

At approximately 10:20 PM, a few minutes after I witnessed their reports over the phone, the silent boomerang flies directly overhead again, this time flying from South to North at approximately 3000ft-5000ft altitude, and was emitting a solid line of white/yellow light that slowly turned to orange, and then red, as it was flying north and gaining altitude at considerable speed.

The C-130 was about 15-20 seconds behind the chevron during the second fly over, and seemed to be turning back to Dobbins AFB, which is approximately 1.5 to 2 miles south of me, directly next to Lockheed Martin Marietta. The C-5 and C-130 fly over almost daily. I am very familiar with these craft by sound and sight.

This was something entirely different as it was sizeable, had no fuselage and had no sound.