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Occurred : 6/6/2015 22:15 (Entered as : 06/06/2015 22:15)
Reported: 6/12/2015 11:14:23 AM 11:14
Posted: 6/15/2015
Location: Chicago, IL
Shape: Other
Duration:3-4 minutes
Large craft, triangular in the front/middle section, wide across with an arrowhead/chevron look, fading in/out of sky, lights on bottom

On the evening of June 6, 2015, around 10:15, I was letting my dog out into the yard and looked toward the sky while I waited for her.

I was standing and looking directly eastward and about a quarter of a mile away and (from my perception) about 20-40 feet above a treeline, I saw an extremely large shape in the sky, very sharply pointed in the middle, which I saw first, and extremely wide and long in its width, which all of a sudden just seemed to slowly appear. It almost reminded me of a large bulky arrowhead in the width, but the sharply pointed center looked like the two sides of a triangle. In the middle of it, above the largely pointed center, was a round shape that looked almost dome-like or conical. I could not see the length of it as I was looking directly at it as it was heading west, and just could see the front and width of it. Perhaps the craft was just super wide and not long in length at all, which is possibly why I did not see its length. It was moving slowly, not fast at all. The middle portion (triangle dome-like center) looked a bit lighter than the rest of the craft.

As I continued to stare at it – pretty much frozen and afraid to blink - I then saw what looked like a hot sidewalk effect, for lack of a better description, or a waviness slowly forming around this thing, and then it looked as though piece by piece I could see through it until it faded or melted into the sky, almost as though it was camouflaging itself in the night sky. If I hadn’t been looking in that exact direction at the moment I did, I would have missed it, despite it being so large, because of the way it sort of fit in with the sky.

As it got a little closer, I noticed light from underneath it but then I also noticed that it faded into the sky more and the shape became sort of lost or not as discernible as it had been. What did become more discernible, though, were the lights. By the time it was nearing my home, I saw one larg! e circle with about 15-20 red globes of light within the circle. I sensed that the lights were underneath something, but the object was not discernible around or over the lights at this point. Everything looked just really dark. But I knew it was there and I sensed it was there. The lights seemed low, perhaps 500-600 feet. It was silent. The circle of lights then moved very slightly in a northwesternly direction over my house.

At this point, I became afraid and grabbed my dog. I ran from the back door through my house to the front window as it faces north, to see if I could follow it, but when I looked at my front window it had disappeared. It was just gone. I did not go back outside.

It is difficult to judge by measurement the size of what I saw without using the words huge or large. If I stand in the same spot where I was standing when I initially saw it above the treeline about a quarter of a mile away and hold up a quarter at arm’s length, then I would have to hold perhaps 3-4 quarters across to cover the width of it at that distance when I saw it first appear in the sky.

I live fairly close to an airport (about 30 minutes south) and am very familiar with the sights and sounds of airplanes, whether they are flying high or low, daytime or nighttime, but this was not like anything I had ever seen before. It didn’t make one sound, and was large. There are always planes flying in their flight paths over my neighborhood, but strangely enough, there wasn’t one plane in sight during that time or that I could hear. Just silence.

My husband and son weren’t home at the time, and I did not have my cell phone on me when this occurred as I was just letting the dog out and had left it in the house, never thinking this would be happening, so unfortunately, I can only tell you what I saw with my own eyes.

After telling my husband and son about my experience, they showed me pictures of a stealth bomber, but it did not resemble what I saw. They also showed me pictures of Chinese lanterns, but again, the lights that I saw did not resemble Chinese lanterns.

This was such an unnerving experience for me. I wish there was some sort of explanation. I can only hope that someone else will report seeing something similar on that night – it certainly would make me feel a lot better. And I can tell you without hesitation that this was most definitely not a plane.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. PD))