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Occurred : 5/11/2015 17:00 (Entered as : 05/11/2015 17:00)
Reported: 5/22/2015 6:53:14 PM 18:53
Posted: 5/29/2015
Location: San Bernardino, CA
Shape: Rectangle
Duration:5 minutes
200 ft x 30 ft UFO ship 5 min. daylight sighting, May 11, 2015 5PM over San Bernardino, California.

Recently, I saw a UFO ship on my way home from work May 11, 2015 in the afternoon around 5PM, and it was full daylight out. I was leaving Redlands in my truck while traveling West on the 10 Freeway, when I saw it out of my passenger window for several miles, out to the North, just above the City of San Bernardino's border with Highland California. I saw it as I looked north out of my passenger window and out of the back window of my truck, until I drove too far West on the 10 Freeway to be able to see it anymore. I had trouble staying in my lane because I was amazed at what I was seeing.

Specifically, I saw it from the side as I looked North towards the backdrop of the San Bernardino Mountains. There was no smog or haze interrupting my view. I had a very clear view of the ship under the much higher clouds for at least five minutes. It was stationary in the sky, and it did not move an inch the whole time that I watched it. It was not a balloon. It just hovered there, about 3/4 as high as the top of the San Bernardino Mountains. I saw no ropes or chains under it to hold it in place. I have no idea how something that big can hover still in the sky like that.

Moreover, it was rectangular in shape. (See attached drawing.) I saw no lights on it. It had no wings or propellor, and it was not emitting steam or smoke. It was much longer than it was high. I estimate it was 180 feet long and 30 feet high or more. My view was limited to the side, so I could not judge depth of the ship. The accompanying image that I have included shows the shape of the aircraft. Regardless of the high cloud cover, I am sure that our government saw this enormous ship on radar. I thought that it was something from the military because it looked like the same type of material that an airplane can be made from. It was silver/metallic with black lines that defined square separate sections of the ship, which made it look like it was manufactured.

Most importantly, I thought that it would have been on the television news later that night, but nothing has been shown. The very next time that I drove to work on the 10 Freeway, it was gone from that area of the sky. I have ran a search on the Internet, and two people in Highland have reported to have seen a UFO in the same area later that evening at the webpage:

You would think that with that many people living in San Bernardino, Highland, and surrounding cities that someone would have noticed it because it was daylight. I would like to find out if there are other people that have reported it.

Best regards America!