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Sighting Report
Occurred : 9/15/1977 18:00 (Entered as : 09/1/1977 06:00)
Reported: 5/8/2015 8:09:18 PM 20:09
Posted: 5/13/2015
Location: Kernersville, NC
Shape: Sphere
Duration:5 minutes
My family and I saw a saucer hovering over our field. There is missing time. and I could tell of another instant when I was six but ...

It was in the summer months of 1977. I was 13. My family and I were inside our home in NC. It was around 6pm when we all (my mom, dad, little brother and me) heard what sounded like a diesel truck idling. That was weird to us because we lived on a private road 4 families that lived on that road including ourselves. Our neighbor who was a long distance driver was on one of his long distance trips. My dad thought perhaps he was back early and asked me to go to the front door to see. I did; I saw nothing.

I’m telling you this because this sound is what compelled us to go outside. My dad sat for a while longer and asked my mother to look. She saw nothing but we all still heard the noise. Finally, my dad went to look.

He walked through the living room. I followed him (I knew I saw nothing), then everyone else fell in line. I saw my dad take the one step down off the porch he then looked to his left and I could tell something had caught his eye and he looked up and quickly started toward what he saw.

Here is a memory gap. I don’t remember walking out to the edge of the field. (There was a 2 acre field that had been cleared a year earlier) I found myself standing at the edge of the field looking up at a saucer shaped hovering object. The object was big but it could have landed in the field if it had a mind to. This was around 6pm it was daylight mind you. The sound was gone. I was dumbstruck, mesmerized maybe, but I was not afraid. We were so close to it that I could see it was made out of one piece of gray metal (it looked like what we call Teflon now) No windows, no people getting in or out. In fact it didn’t even land.

Now here is another memory gap. It is now nighttime I’m standing in the same spot I was and staring at this thing. It was darting around at impossible angles and speed. I am trying my hardest to figure out what it is. A plane? No planes do not stop and hover in mid air. A helicopter? No it does not have propellers and there is no sound. Copters can’t do that. Then what is it? (This is what I’m thinking) I look up to my dad who is standing right beside me and his eyes are huge and his mouth is gaping like a scream should be coming out of him, but he makes no sound, and he looks like he is stiff.

Now it dawns on me that we might actually be in a life threatening situation! Now I’m terrified! Then as we are standing there, the disk just shoots straight up and is gone in a millisecond. We are still standing there looking up into the sky for a couple of more minutes like we are waiting for someone to say “ok, shows over”.

Like I said before it was night now, everyone walked back into the house in silence. We all just stood in silence just wondering to ourselves, what did we just see? We reported what we saw to the police over the phone. They called back the same night and said we had probably seen a weather balloon. My dad trying to rationalize what we saw (and probably trying to keep us from freaking out) told us we probably saw a government flying machine of some sort. “It is probably top secret stuff” he said. So he very soberly and sternly and frightfully told us that we were never to talk about this again among ourselves or anyone else. We never did, until I called my adult little brother and asked if he remembered that night. He was silent for a while and then said “no.” I asked him if he remembered the conversation that followed in the kitchen that night. He said he did.

Since then, I have had some very strange happenings in my life that I cannot explain or prove. I have had even weirder dreams. Sometimes I want to go through memory regression to remember what happened in the apparent missing time periods. Then I think “maybe you can’t remember for a reason” and I become unreasonably scared. Another odd thing about that night, my dad had dogs, the neighborhood had a lot of dogs and we also had game fighting roosters and hens, they would bark and the chickens would cackle at almost any disturbance. They were all silent that night and no one else was at home that night down our entire road.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date is approximate. PD))