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Occurred : 1/2/2015 19:21 (Entered as : 1/2/2015 19:21)
Reported: 5/7/2015 5:38:10 PM 17:38
Posted: 5/8/2015
Location: Olympia, WA
Shape: Light
Duration:5-45 minutes
UFO sighting and possible abduction with time loss and distance teleportation.

At 7:21pm I was departing out of the Brotherhood Lounge in Olympia after a few drinks to catch the last bus to Aberdeen/Hoquiam which left at 7:20pm.

As I ran out the door of the bar I turned the WIFI off on my phone and bolted across the street. I don't recall any traffic coming towards me or around me as everything appeared silent, so began to cut across the parking lot near where the bus departed, as I was near the middle of the parking lot this bright light appeared above me. Knowing that is was not the moon as that was visible in the sky this orbital light was practically a spotlight illuminating a circle on the ground around me.

Phone still in hand I pointed upwards to it and held the photo button down snapping these 4 HD shots before my phone went black and rebooted itself immediately with the Apple icon. I laughed because of how the damn thing decided to reset itself and with the quickness. Next thing I know time warped, it slowed dramatically as alm! ost like moving through Jello. I recall being angry that I was force-ably being slowed as I needed to catch that bus as it's the LAST bus to the area I was going to. Struggling through the atmospheric pressure I saw the light around me became a yellowish/orange I've seen something like this before many years ago but was startled at this moment. I recall the light above me feeling like some sort of stealth silent helicopter as waves went through my body like being in a MRI/CATSCAN and then everything went bright white and POW! Next thing I know I'm standing in thick fog bank of the side of the road feeling a bit bewildered of my surroundings but yet calmly okay.

Nervous, I light a cigarette and immediately my body rejects it causing me to vomit, I take a second drag and it happens again. Music begins playing through my headphones I'm wearing which were previously in my backpack as I cut across the parking lot. The music is the Gorillaz song 99-2000, I look to my left and her comes the bus through the fog. I pitch the smoke and wave the bus down, it stops....door opens and the gal driver says, "I almost missed you there as it's not a normal bus stop." I thank her stopping and go to place what typically costs me $3 into the drop box and she say's it's only $1 which I kinda shrug off as the money dropped and figured I just payed it forward on some deal they have going on.

She asks me if I am okay, I say yes and get on the I look down at the people on the bus they all had this "odd" smile on their faces and a orange glow or aura about them. I sit down and end up messing with this guys backpack reorganizing his stuff in it without him noticing. I comment to the bus driver how she's doing a fine job cutting through this fog and the guy who's backpack I'm messing with, without looking at me says we are dealing with "Flice" which is supposed to be fog I was supposed to know exactly what that meant.

I zip his pack up without anyone else noticing and listen to the song playing through my headphones and then realize as we pull out of the fog bank a ways, we are actually about 20 minutes to Aberdeen, WA.

I know now that I "reappeared" in Montesanno about 40 miles from Olympia and I somehow beat the bus which takes about an hour to get to where it picked me up. WTF!??!?!??!? I road the bus in to town and got off the bus doing a quick magic effect with my hat and a tangerine which I gave to the driver when she acted surprised and thanked her for the night.

Once off the bus, I light another cigarette, and immediately rejected it, vomiting again and walked to a local bar called the Ace of Clubs. I forcefully choked down the smoke between gags and then went inside. I turned my WIFI back on and light flickered as I walked in. I didn't make eye contact and asked the female bartender for a PBR....and began uploading the photos I took to a group on Facebook that I'm a member of and start typing out what happened via my phone. I began to tremble a bit and the photos give me a problem with not uploading in sequence and I'm pissed at my phone as I continue to type and that bartender asks me if I am okay? I look up at hear and say, "No...yes...well no...I'm not sure....something just happened to me that I cannot explain. Will you please look at me and tell me if I appear intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or something?" She tell me I look perfectly sober and I began to tell her what happened showing her the images. She listens, I cry. She walks away and walks back I tell her some more and then her husband comes over eye looking all blurry but with a grin on his face as he begins rubbing my back. He was a large man with very warm hands and asks me if I am okay? I tell him the same thing I originally said to her and begin to describe the light I saw and he walks away shaking someone else's hand and I grab my phone, jacket and bag and split trying to video chat my buddy via my phone and having total glitch errors with it all. I walk across the street and check my bank balance and light another cigarette to no problem as I walked off towards my mother's house.

I don't know what truly happened from that parking lot in Olympia to that fog banked road in Montesanno but I do know that this IS exactly what happened to me.