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Occurred : 5/3/2015 00:10 (Entered as : 05/03/15 0:10)
Reported: 5/3/2015 3:42:11 PM 15:42
Posted: 5/8/2015
Location: Sumner, WA
Shape: Light
Duration:~2 minutes
2nd sighting of blue beam from sky in Sumner

Friday evening, May 2, 2015, about 10 pm, checked night sky out my slider door and nothing caught my eye. I thought to myself that it has been a long time since something happened that was definitely unusual, almost no doubting that the sighting is 'different'. There were not many stars out and the sky was cloudy.

Saturday evening, May 3, 2015, I was in my room watching TV and decided to warm up my left over pizza. I was heating my pizza and checked the sky out the slider door and immediately seen a single blue light, flying about the altitude that a small plane would fly but it was emitting a blue beam angled downward. It wasn’t very far from my apt. and coming my way. I grabbed the binoculars but this confused the situation as I think the kids dropped it recently because I seem to get two of things now. So, now it looked like two blue lights as if one were on each end of a wing. Set binoculars down and was going to dart to the bedroom and get the camera but didn’t because it would probably be gone by the time I got back. Grabbed the binoculars again and now it was one red light flashing but the beam was still there. It was coming towards me so the front of the craft would be facing me and the beam shone out from its left side. The beam was the same circumference from beginning to end and it ended or was not visible about half way to the ground. It didn’t sway/search but was one steady beam as if it were fixed. I tried to follow the beam with the binoculars but it would be invisible half way out from where it originated. I only seen this for about 2 minutes and then it was nearly over the apt and out of sight. I could not make out any shape of whatever was emitting the beam. I was in the apt and could not hear a plane or helicopter sound.

This immediately reminded me of a similar sighting like this last year. However, I spotted the object for a longer period however the beam was exactly the same. It was flying basically over residential neighborhoods but there is a large field in between some housing filled with sheep and livestock. I wondered last year if it was scoping out the livestock as well. There was a beautiful full moon out which made the sky very light/bright for midnight. There were not many clouds but since the sky was so light, it was hard to see many stars.