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Occurred : 2/15/2015 00:30 (Entered as : 02/00/2015 12:30)
Reported: 4/10/2015 6:58:37 PM 18:58
Posted: 4/17/2015
Location: Seattle, WA
Shape: Triangle
Black transparent triangle shaped aircraft with bright white lights.

My friend and i where driving s.bound on 65th 15th n.w. off to the right of us up in the sky my friend said what the @&$! Is that i looked and at first i was ugh there were 3-4 (i cant recall exact pattern but amounts i know are true) sets of lights in rows of 4 bright as all get out and close to us not normal flight elevation for area, as soon as we saw them they shut down one row at a time then the aircraft? Started moving towards downtown seattle no sound could be heard at all I also want to add there where no planes around at first which was strange cuase there always is, as it cont. There was a small plane off to the distance like past downtown seattle and much further up in the sky it seemed and aircraft ? /ship or /ships( will get to that in a moment) it moved swiftly towards sm. aircraft as if it had no worries to crashing into but didn't, it hovered for a moment and changed course and again no planes no drones ect were in the sky it was also a very clear evening in the skies, so it started towards wallingford, freemont area ,if you know ballard im going to give you an example of how big this thing was or appeared from 15th n.w. looking towarrds the hill that goes to wallingford is a few miles no. And so. Bounds and this craft was literally covering almost the entire hill still in almost invisible motion and still very low im talking like almost right on top of houses .we both are tripping jaws hanging all i could say is it has to be a stealth moving as it was it was becoming more and more transparent it was a triangle shape and black and huge i mean huge. I said we gotta see what this thing is and where the blank is it going my friend can only say what is that almost speechless almost frozen in augh. We followed it up the hill , now on aurora ave n. going south my friend pulled out his brother binaculars that are little more advance ( used in maritime) and handed me his phone to take pic's instead i hit record and it d! id for a few seconds then, my friend switched with me so i cou! ld see a better shot to be able to tell him what it is . We cont. driving so down aurora it started to lightly rain, me looking at craft but also the road, i had pulled over a cpl times too let friend take photos well in the meantime he stuck out his hand with camara out the window and was video taping ,at this point we could see what looked like a ring of bright red lights just for a brief moment underneath it . We both were taking about how nobody i mean nobody the entire time had stopped , pointing or looking up at it and can't believe no one else is seeing what were seeing even on busy aurora ave no one even blew their horn or stopped further down to see what were looking at, which is strange cause if and when i see people as in grossed as we were looking up at something its natural habit to also look as far as im concerned from experience. All of a sudden it had vanished mind you still no sound at all nor planes, drones these moments i had got on the phone to tell a frie! nd to look up in the sky to see it ( he lives in renton area), he kind of chuckled and laugh and said said something silly im kind of known as being a goof ball really meaning being silly to make people have a smile and laugh ? and my friend traveling with me well i'll describe him as being stuck in the 80's which i'm also known for too. We continued to look for it as we drove towards the friend in rentons house, both in just aughh trying figure out what on gods green earth did we just experience and why no one seemed a bit cauntious of any thing but what they were doing my friend was trying to look back at video but a lil hard on sm screen but never the less it was there in fact theres more than one as well as photos well you might think this was the end of it ,yeah no theres more , my friend could not stop with almost obsessing of it? As we picked our other friend up in renton , i mentioned to first friend look Now theres all kind of planes up in the sky as we drove south! to my house ( bonney lake) we were at boeing field area and w! e notice d two planes that did actually look like our military helicopters there was twoo and they were in like a certain position as though they were protecting or watching or guiding something slowly moving they become into a different formation , one slightly lower than other and was moving down towards the ground then there were a bunch of planes coming from all angles going into boeing field as well as seatac and most likely renton airfield as well it was crazy. So my friend quit in the back seat except for a few uttered words ( what the heck was that ,still looking at pic's and video ,we soon discovered ( here's where i mentioned i would get to later ) well it seemed as though there may have been more than one craft and that they looked as if they flew into the bigger one not only that and many lights flying around in speratic motions there is what we have learned to be a devil or evil figurine in a red light cloud that appears as if was watching us amongst other formations of different objects very clearly seen ( also later everyone who has viewed it agreed). My friend is now in a spooked mood but still cant get over it he continued to look up in the sky as i did too and still, well he had been looking out my kitchen window and was seeing objects again but smaller in size like orb size in a neighbors yard and came to get me too see i told him its just porch or garage lights of neighbors he again began to video tape and well theres many suspected things seen including the very pronounced red cloud demon he was so scared he couldn't leave my room I tried to distract him by telling him it was probly this or that just to ease his mind. Well there's a short almost thorough detailed story of my moment with what seemed to be not of this world as i've known it , my friend however has really looked in more depth to video's and pic's and will have more to add to his .

Thank you for your time ((name and e-mail address deleted))