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Occurred : 3/27/2015 19:45 (Entered as : 03/27/2015 19:45)
Reported: 3/28/2015 2:24:19 PM 14:24
Posted: 4/3/2015
Location: Manchester, NH
Shape: Sphere
Duration:2.5 hrs
4-6 white orbs of light (at times green) in sky circling and going straight back and forth within cloud

On 3/27/2015, I was outside with my dogs and looked up in the sky and saw 5-6 orb lights white in color in a cloud that were going around in a circle fast then slow and then suddenly disappeared.

Then would reappear within few minutes and would again go around in a circle but different direction and disappear.

Then would reappear in a straight line at times and would travel back and forth sometimes fast and then would slow down. At times one would hover to the right and another one merging together and then all would disappear.

This occurred about 2 ½ hours on/off and the orb lights only remained in the clouds. Sometimes they were greenish colored and they were all round in shape. I had 2 family members that also witnessed them. Friends say might have been from a strobe light but there was no beam of light and would have saw the light in the clear part of sky but the orb light never left the clouds.

((NUFORC Note: We suspect that the lights may have been part of an advertising display, but cannot be certain. PD))