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Occurred : 2/10/2015 21:10 (Entered as : 02/10/15 21:10)
Reported: 3/2/2015 7:47:04 PM 19:47
Posted: 3/6/2015
Location: Twin Falls, ID
Shape: Oval
Duration:35 minutes
3 orangish-red oval fireballs above Castleford

As I left my mothers home and headed West into Twin Falls on Kimberly road I noticed 2 white light orbs in the sky above the tree and town skyline.. they were separated by 14 inches in the sky distance and the one on the left was quite a bit higher than the other.

I continued to drive and pulled over 6 different times as I thought I was chasing them or getting closer to them to the West. At the first stop the left object appeared to seperate into 2 white orb objects. As I drove West all 3 objects were moving slowly in a low atmosphere orbit.

Before my third pullover the objects were changed into orangish-red oval orb fireballs. At that point there were 2 objects on the right..(one above and to the left of the other one.)

As I continued with my drive and stops the objects would start by being fairly dim..then brighter to bright, then fade out..they showed them selves on 4 minute intervals,, the last 2 pullovers I watched in the dark sky until they reappeared.. At my last stop they were just above the horizon to the West.

There were a few other cars on the road and I hoped one would come up on me so I could get confirmation but I ended up way out in the dairy farm area with no others around.

The night was crystal clear,,a bit breezy and around 40F. Someone else had to of seen these lights from the Interstate or somewhere. I thought they were over the Castleford area, but could have been as far west as the MHAFB or out over the the Pacific.