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Sighting Report
Occurred : 3/2/2015 20:30 (Entered as : 03/02/15 20:30)
Reported: 3/2/2015 10:41:43 PM 22:41
Posted: 3/6/2015
Location: South Phoenix, AZ
Shape: Other
Duration:8 seconds
Alien-shaped head peaking over my backyard fence.

((NUFORC Note: We spoke via telephone with the source of the report, and he sounded to us to be serious-minded. However, we are unable to certify that the report is a sincere portrayal of what was experienced. PD))

Hi here! I'm new to South Phoenix, Arizona. I recently moved from a small town Indiana about a month ago. I moved in with my boyfriend in a gated community in Scottsdale. I fell in love with Arizona, I've never seen anything like it, honestly. Unfortunately, my boyfriend & I are no longer together so I moved in with a friend in South Phoenix. I can honestly say I'm enjoying myself here a lot more than I was with my ex, ha ha.

My beliefs aren't related to the famous biblical forum, but more of believing in the universe. I believe that whatever we think & feel on the inside, is what we attract to us on the outside, known as 'the law of attraction'. If my religion were to be labeled, it'd be closest to Buddhism. I've seen a few indescribable lights in the sky while driving, or star gazing, etc. I've always believed in extraterrestrials, never doubted. My parents, and a few of my friends think I'm a little nuts for having an open mind , but I am…why not? It's currently March 2nd, 2015 -- 11:18pm here in South Phoenix, Arizona. A few days ago, I had just laid down & was searching for something to watch on Netflix. I felt like I needed to take a break from family guy, & watch something a little more, well, WAY more different. I came across the movie called "Dark Skies", I remembered wanting to see it in theater a few years ago. Anyways, it turns out it was about alien abductions that this family was experiencing. It was a great movie. Was very believable that something like that could really happen. Remember -- I'm open-minded. Earlier tonight, I was relaxing on the couch trying to find something to catch my eye on Netflix once again. I came across an Alien Abduction documentary. I watched it half way through, and then just lost interest, so I ended up turning it off. After I turned the tv off, I decided walk to the kitchen to get a nice cold cola from the fridge. As I walked passed my double door entrance to my backyard, for some odd reason I decided to take a peak out. Well I did just that, & I saw something for the first time that at first, I didn't even realize that what I was looking at, was for real. There is a brick fence about 5 1/2 in tall that divides the backyards of our neighborhood. The street light was stinging onto the back to the neighbors house, & I suddenly noticed a figure, it was a little bigger than the size of a basketball. But unlike a basketball, the back of the figure went into a cone shape. It was so still, that I just said to myself "Oh, well look at that! That thing on the fence looks just like an alien head, ha ha. "Well, I end to walking away after about 7-8 seconds, I get my coke, then on my way back to my living room, I decided to peak once again, again, for some odd reason. Turns out the alien head shaped figure I was looking at, had disappeared. I'm not asking anyone to believe me, but I know what I saw, & I know for a fact that my roommate was upstairs, sound asleep. I'm not really frightened by it. To be honest with you, I think it's kind of cool.

-- New kid from Indiana.