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Sighting Report
Occurred : 1/29/2015 22:25 (Entered as : 01/29/2015 10:25)
Reported: 1/29/2015 7:33:56 PM 19:33
Posted: 1/30/2015
Location: Beltsville, MD
Shape: Cylinder
Duration:7 minutes
UFO Sighting in Beltsville, Maryland.

I was sitting at my machine, and out of the side of my eye, I can see very bright lights.

I get up, look outside my window and the colors are seriously bright.

It was moving slowly across the sky.

I thought maybe a plane, but further review told me nope, it wasn't a plane.

The colors were bright and vivid.

I ran to the back of my house, and it was there. I couldn't chase it, but confirm I saw it!

((NUFORC Note: We have amended the time above, to reflect a nighttime sighting. PD))