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Occurred : 1/8/2015 20:05 (Entered as : 01/08/15 20:05)
Reported: 1/18/2015 4:50:31 PM 16:50
Posted: 1/26/2015
Location: Garfield, GA
Shape: Light
Duration:2 minutes
I saw 6 large oval bright orange lights arrayed in a line in the night sky that were not man-made nor natural.

I drive an 18 wheeler hauling logs in east central GA. I was driving my truck on a dirt road, about a mile from home, and nearing a t-intersection where I would make a left turn near my neighbor's property. The area is rural, consisting of farm fields, ponds and forest. It is 4 miles east of the small community of Garfield and about 15 miles from any town, and not on a state route. I have lived at this place for 7 years and am familiar with the topography and structures.

As I turned onto the dirt road which itself is about one mile in length, I saw 6 bright orange lights that were oval in shape. They were arrayed in 2 groups of 3 with a wider gap between the 2 groups of 3. They were in perfect alignment, as if they were affixed to an object, the lights were steady and did not flicker or change in intensity nor did they move in relation to each other or in space. They were amazingly bright, yet did not hurt my eyes.

I was talking on my cell phone with my employer, at the time, and told him what I was seeing. I drove slowly as I approached the paved road, knowing that the direction would give me a better view, but the lights disappeared in unison before I made my turn. Because of the trees blocking my view for a moment, I did not see the object (or objects)go away, so I do not know if it moved or went dark.

My sighting followed the same type of sighting a few weeks earlier and at the other end of the county by the logging crew that I haul for, they had all stopped work after dark one evening and as a group watched the same type of phenomenon, as did two others I know that have seen the same in the Swainsboro, Emanuel County, are over recent weeks.

What I saw was after dark, and I could not see a solid object, nor judge the size and distance, but, I knew that it was immense, based on the are it spanned in relation to the are.