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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/13/2014 23:00 (Entered as : 06/13/14 23:00)
Reported: 1/4/2015 2:48:28 PM 14:48
Posted: 1/7/2015
Location: Dallas, TX
Shape: Triangle
Duration:3-minutes, 5-seconds
Lighted craft hovered for 3-minutes, then dove 1-mile in 5-seconds

This is the second of two consecutive reports about my sightings of December 11, 2013 and June 13, 2014, at age 73 and 74, respectively. I observed my first and only two UFOs ever.

Both of these sightings occurred within a 6-month period from the same general location. Since these objects appeared to be about the same size and shape, I have the impression that both sightings might have been of the same craft; however, I have no other proof of this assumption. These are given in chronological order, and the first sighting in 2013 was vague, distant and impersonal – I did not file a report on it then, nor even mention it to anyone, including my wife. By contrast, the second encounter in 2014 was a life-changing event – it was shocking to be shown that we humans are not the only intelligent beings here.

My second, very much unexpected and extremely more vivid sighting occurred six months later at 11:00 pm on Friday night, June 13, 2014, near Hexter Elementary School. I had walked to Gold’s Gym at Northcliff & Buckner at 9:30 pm and had left at 10:50 pm. It was a beautiful night, comfortably warm, the sky was clear with a full moon and no wind, and there was not the usual city noise. Nobody else was seen outside and there was no automobile traffic in the neighborhood. I was walking alone in the middle of the street in the full moonlight.

As I was traveling roundabout back to my house, a lighted craft suddenly appeared high over me at Northlake near Peavy. I was rounding a curve heading generally northward and the lights cleared above the 30-foot trees to my right, or east side. This occurred within the usual flight path of airplanes originating from south Texas and landing at Love Field; however, at this time most scheduled Southwest Airline flights had finished for the night – which seemed to be a very important factor in the presence of this thing.

Before 10:00 pm, mostly 737s and some corporate jets fly over here at about 8,000-feet or 1.5-mile altitude, heading north to cross I-635 where they will make a left, west to south U-turn and land at Love Field. Now, there were not any planes in the sky anywhere. Subconsciously, I assumed the lights were an airplane, but the object actually stopped directly above me as I was walking alone in the middle of the street.

I instantly looked up and felt that it had be! en watching me on the roadway in the full moonlight – I was the only rabbit alone on the road. The craft appeared to be positioned almost 1-mile straight up – maybe 1 or 2-degrees eastward – with the apparent size of a large corporate jet; it seemed to be slightly smaller than a 737. Although it is difficult to estimate size and height at night, I am reasonably sure that it was not over 1-mile, nor under 1/2-mile. (I have since studied airplanes flying directly overhead to confirm this perceived altitude and size.) -See illustration of UFO provided - It had extremely bright lights of pure colors, the brightest I have ever seen and the most beautiful red and green. There was no softness to the lights, only a sharp piercing glare.

The object had a strange jerky aspect unlike any aircraft. No Federal Aviation Administration navigation lights were apparent – specifically, green on the starboard, red on the port, flashing strobes on the wingtips, with fore and aft white lights as required below 10,000 feet altitude. Its lights were arranged in a nonsensical pattern as in my diagram above, with the red lights blinking on and off every 2-seconds – this appeared to be the front, as the craft moved. All of the red lights pulsed together; there was no 1-2-3 sequence. The green lights shined steady, did not blink and appeared to be the sides.

Each red and green row was composed of about 10 individual pinpoint lights, all like bulbs with equal intensity. No other lights, colors or emanations could be seen. My sketch diagrams the bel! ly of the craft as seen from below. The body was not visible as a silhouette against the sky because of the bright lights; however, I am certain that there was a rigid structure because the lights maintained their relative position at all times. If I were to guess, I would say the object was rather triangular because of the arrangement of the lights, but I cannot be sure of this. It had a clear-cut, garish carnival midway appearance – there was no vagueness at all. My initial and vivid impression was as if a Texas State Fairground contraption, such as a Ferris wheel, with its colorful, blinking lights, had been placed 1-mile overhead in the night sky to float around – it was totally out of place and illogical. I instantly realized that this was not an airplane, so I quickly stepped under a front yard tree to my right or east side on Northlake, to hide from its view. My actions were largely reflexive and fear-responsive, so I probably was only visible to the craft for a few! seconds.

Immediately after I hid, the object seemed to have lost me, because it began to go back and forth, do figure-8s, hover and rock as I watched from between the leaves. Imagine that you are standing on the bottom of a lake watching the bottom of a big motorboat circling above you on the surface; similarly, seen by me from below, the circling craft acted as though it was floating on a flat horizontal surface. The effect was like looking up at the bottom of a large launch that was being driven around on a choppy lake surface; perhaps the medium or force upon which the craft rode – or it created – was wavy. The craft stayed contained within an imaginary circle of about 1/4-mile diameter eastward of me as it apparently searched; it never strayed to the west side of me. Of course, its actions were faster than a motorboat as it maneuvered around searching the bottom below. When it stopped, it seemed to rock like a boat, as though floating on waves. The craft appeared to be driven or controlled by a coxswain who was methodically searching the bottom below, making its movements selective, erratic and chaotic as it went back and forth, repeatedly, stopping and going.

The object emitted a very faint but perceptible whirring sound from high up, similar to an electric motor brush. This sound had that same distant overhead audio quality as some hot air balloons, ultra-lights and blimps that I have heard from the ground while they were high above me; I have heard voices, burners and motors from these. With this UFO, I had both eyed and eared confirmation of an actual materially structured mechanical craft and of its apparent vertical distance above. Furthermore, the tone or pitch of the electrical motor sound seemed to change throughout its movements overhead, as though accommodating various mechanical requirements.

Throughout all of this, I was busily playing devil’s advocate – “Could this be an electrically powered human-fabricated aircraft?” Suddenly, I realized that if whatever was controlling this thing had infrared vision that I had better get behind the wooden tree limbs, which I promptly did. For whatever reason, the object appeared to be searching for ground-based subject matter, so I remained cowing against the tree trunk and became a certified tree-hugger. To add to my problems, the front yard’s motion detector light turned on.

This weirdness went on for the longest three minutes, my anxiety level was rising and I began to wonder how it would all play out. Suddenly, without any warning, the object instantly streaked nose-first at a downward angle, around 45-degrees, east-northeast toward the Lochwood Park area. It went from hovering almost directly overhead, down to the horizon, traveling over a 1-mile distance, at one constant and terrific speed. There was no observable acceleration against inertia or deceleration against momentum. I have watched high-performance jets stall out several miles above and then rev up to flight speed – this takes several seconds. My UFO did this instantly! When its lights disappeared through the trees and just above the horizon, it was still travelling at the same speed without slowing down. Its observed lack of inertia and momentum implied that the object had no mass, as though it were only a mirage or light image, and it actually looked somewhat that way during the d! ive.

Although I could only see the lights, the craft appeared to be intermittent between a real object such as a bus or airplane, and an artificial movie-projected image of such. That is, at times, it would have passed for a solid material night-flying helicopter; while at other times, the lights seemed transparent and unreal, like projections on a movie screen. The greatest division in this dichotomy appeared between the very separate hovering and diving phases. During the overhead circling, I felt as though I could rap my knuckles on the craft; conversely, during the dive, I felt as though my arm might go through it. This division was reinforced by the whirring mechanical sound of the craft as it hovered, contrasted by the total silence when it dived at supersonic speed. Lending to this impression, a solid form would have created friction, pushed the air aside and made a horrific noise; this thing made no sound whatsoever. There was no noise at all during the dive – any air-dis! placement whoosh, sonic boom, crash or explosion – anything! Artillery shells make a distinctive sound as they pass through the air, and this speeding UFO should have done likewise. Incredibly, there appeared to be no resistance from the air. I felt that if I had shot this thing with a rifle, the bullet would have gone through it. Because of the lack of both inertia and air resistance, I must assume that there was no solid object – AS WE KNOW IT – during the dive phase. This raises my question of whether the UFO was somehow outside of our physical reality, a consideration that might apply to the origin of these things. I assume that a craft from another solar planet or star system would obey the same Newtonian physical laws that we do – but this thing did not do this.

- See diagram of flight path provided - Visualize a right triangle with me on the ground at the 90-degree angle, and the craft 1-mile above me, searching within a 1/4-mile diameter circle to the east. The full Moon is southeast, at about 50-degrees elevation at 11:00-pm CDT, at its lowest zenith in June – exactly opposite the Sun. The UFO dove toward the east-northeast at about a 45-degree angle. I have fine-tuned the compass direction with several visits; however, because it dived away from me, the exact descent angle cannot be exact. Therefore, I have bracketed or averaged it as 45-degrees, and the ‘landing point’ would be approximately 1-mile away horizontally at the other 45-degree angle. On the map, that would be around the Lochwood Park area. Draw a line from Northlake-Peavy east-northeast across Lochwood Park and somewhere along this track is where the UFO ‘landed.’ By geometry, the flight path or hypotenuse would be about 1 1/4-mile long – or a little over 1-mile when discounting the 10-degree roofline. The object’s closest proximity to me would be about 7/10-mile as it slid down the hypotenuse. I watched its lights through the trees until the craft was about to slam into the ground about 1/10-mile above the actual horizon. Seeing the UFO dive to the horizon greatly helped me to scale and confirm my original vertical estimate as about 1-mile altitude, and no lower than 1/2-mile.

I have used three methods to determine and confirm the exit speed as about Mach-1. First, my daughter and I have attended the Fort Worth Alliance air show annually for over twenty years – a father-daughter thing. There are always jet interceptor fly-bys, usually by an F-18 Super Hornet, at Mach-1, whereby the sound shock wave is visible forming off the fuselage. The June 13 UFO simply appeared to be diving that fast and that is what I settled on. Second, it took no more than 5-seconds for the craft to go from 1-mile overhead, then 45-degrees downward to the horizon, a dive distance of over 1-mile. Here, I estimated the dive time, based upon my gut feel of 5-seconds. Third, at home I pointed my finger at an imaginary UFO and had my daughter time my downward sweep with a watch, always getting about 5-seconds. In summary, 1-mile multiplied times 5-seconds works out to 720-mph, or about Mach-1.

At the short end of the spectrum, time is easy to estimate. Two, five and ten-seconds can be accurately guessed. As time gets longer, estimating becomes more inaccurate – one minute is more difficult and an hour is even more so. Five-seconds were easy to guess and to confirm by dragging my hand downward and having someone else clocks me. My object had lights that pulsed every two seconds and it dove within about five seconds – these times were simple to bracket and measure. I estimated that the craft hovered above me for 3-minutes because it seemed like 3-minutes, even when considering the lengthened anxiety factor. In addition, I bracketed the hovering phase – it was certainly longer than 1-minute and probably shorter than 5-minutes – thus, 3-minutes. My calculations of distance, time and speed all conform to one another mathematically – its red lights blinked every two seconds, the object hovered about 1-mile above for 3-minutes and exited at a 45-degree downward angle, di! ving within about 5-seconds at a speed of around 720-mph.

As the craft streaked downward toward the horizon, its lights were visible through the nearby trees, but of course, the lights were blocked when they went behind the roofline. The angle of total disappearance was about 5 or 10-degrees above the actual horizon, which would have been about 1/10-mile above the ground at the ‘point of impact.’ Seeing the object go through the far tree line greatly reinforced my vertical estimate as 1-mile distance. The UFO’s path of descent formed an imaginary ‘hypotenuse of a right triangle,’ which is depicted in the third diagram. At the horizontal, its size and distance could be compared to foreground features – much as a rising full moon can be compared to nearby hills, trees, houses and so forth – this confirmed my estimation of the overall scale of the UFO flight path.

The contrast between the 3-minute hovering and the 5-second dive was astounding, and suggested that there were two methods of control during these two phases – manual and autopilot. This dichotomy erased all doubt as to whether or not this was a human construction. The circling and wobbling object appeared to be silly, jerky, and almost Warner Brothers cartoonish with the super bright garish lights – the reds pulsing on and off, and the greens glowing steadily. The searching was asymmetrical, irregular and chaotic – as though a coxswain was steering the boat randomly and impulsively as he searched the ground far below. If I had witnessed only the hovering phase, I would not be convinced that it was not some type of human-made aircraft.

By contrast, had I seen only the 5-second dive, I would not be convinced that it was not some reentering satellite debris. This exit plunge was straight, steady, mechanical, meteor-like and almost blurred. Unlike in its erratic circling phase, the fast diving craft did not appear to be arbitrarily piloted, but went down uniformly at a constant speed in a straight line from A to B as though programmed and automatic. It appeared as if a switch was flipped, which said, “Take me from here to there.” Certainly, no human pilot would have had nerve reflexes fast enough to control this suicide dash downward and I assume the same for any biological organism. As it dove, the form or basic structure of the object was perfectly retained – the blinking red bar of lights in front and the two steady green rows of lights on the sides. However, more so than when it was circling, the craft looked strangely like an artificial light image as it dashed downward, with the pulsing red lights at th! e front. Possibly, the angle of the lights were turned away from me somewhat, making them appear dimmer, thus contributing to the dichotomy of appearance. The object went down angled into the dive and all of its light structure was retained intact, as though it being a rigid object. However, both of these phases, when put together said that this was not grandma’s biscuits. I looked straight at this thing for 3-minutes as it hovered, and for 5-seconds as it dove – it definitely was NOT a human-made aircraft! A saying goes that we should always look for ponies before we look for unicorns. In the best tradition of looking for ponies, immediately following the sighting I attempted to eliminate all plausible possibilities. I considered a DRONE as an explanation, and several other folks, including my wife, have since offered the drone scenario (which seems to be the contemporary Debunker explanation for all UFOs today). This would certainly fit the hovering and whirring electric motor sound, since several drone models are electric powered hovering devices. Immediately after this event, I asked myself, “Did someone launch and retrieve a drone from the Lochwood Mall parking lot?” However, I quickly dismissed my devil’s advocacy here because this explanation would have been more unrealistic than a ‘flying saucer.’ The large size, mile altitude, glaring lights and exit speed ruled against a drone. Hobbyist’s electric RC craft are small, weak and slow, and they fly at very low altitudes. ! Military drones are larger and more powerful, but still rather slow. These are secretive, conserve power to remain on patrol for long periods, and they do not waste batteries on bright lighting; the CIA is not going to advertise its presence with glaring, blinking lights. All of this goes against the large corporate jet-size of my UFO, which was hovering 1-mile up with lights blazing while milling back and forth.

Consider the Mach-1 exit speed. No drone, civilian or military, is streamlined or powerful; indeed, such a design would be antithetical to the hovering purpose of a drone. All drones have propellers or rotors. No propeller driven airplane has ever achieved Mach speed and survived – ever! This formidable velocity requires an aerodynamic, reinforced coke bottle-shaped fuselage, sweptback razor thin wings, and a turbojet engine with a powerful afterburner. Even the fabled F-86 Saber Jet and MiG 15 of Korean War vintage could not reach the speed of sound. Moreover, no human-constructed aircraft – prop or jet – would have pulled out of such a steep dive at that speed.

Finally, yet importantly, all aircraft, civilian and military, CIA or FBI, drone or whatever, flying high in United States commercial airspace are required by law to conform to FAA lighting standards. This is to prevent mid-air collisions with other planes. As ruled by the National Transportation Safety Board, an ‘aircraft’ is any device used for flight in the air – there are no exceptions! My observed object was violating a main landing flight path over northeast Dallas, which would have been filled with vulnerable commercial Love Field traffic an hour earlier. It was shining and blinking bright garish lights that were arranged in the bizarre pattern illustrated above, that made no sense and which conformed to no codes or regulations. If it were any human-made object, it would have been flying illegally and in violation of United States law.

My UFO had a definite symmetrical structure, differential lighting, a variable mechanical sound, a 3-minute time of operation and a complex behavior, so it was not a natural phenomenon such as a mirage, ball lightning, plasma, Venus, meteor, swamp gas and so forth. It moved back and forth against the wind, so it was not a passive lighter-than-air object such as a balloon, kite or Chinese lantern. During its high-speed dive, the UFO exhibited no inertia or momentum, and it made no sound; therefore, it was not a human-made aircraft – no human construct can do this. All of this taken together leaves only a NOT human solution.

Of interest, the June 13 object appeared to be predatory by its raptor-like tactics. First, there was the sneaking up and hovering above me. Second, after I hid under a tree whereby it lost me, the craft started to circle as though scanning the ground for a replacement. Third, it seemed to have spotted another ground-based subject, toward which it made a dive. (Of course, we want to believe this target was an abductee – whether true or not.) The entire affair was reminiscent of a hawk circling in the sky and stooping at a mouse in a field. I suspect, but will never know, that my quick reflexive hiding may have saved me from being confronted by whatever was operating this thing. It was never closer than 7/10-mile during the 5-second diving. Other than the expected natural anxiety and elevated adrenaline, I have never experienced any unusual symptoms then or afterwards. I actually arrived home earlier than planned because I did not proceed with my exercise walkabout, thus had ! no ‘missing time.’ Several months later, I have not experienced any side effects, so I guess that I am in the clear… The weirdly blinking red and the stationary green lights made no sense; were they designed for them or for us? I have reviewed many other UFO reports and have never seen any pattern described like mine; therefore, I assume it was either a custom job or the object could configure its own lighting scheme. All that I can surmise is that the garish, colorful lights might have been an enticement or gimmick to instill interest and attract a sucker to stand still and gawk. I know that I certainly was enticed to observe this thing; only my fear of the unknown overrode my curiosity and kept me from standing in the open street and observing it. This entire affair became a delicate balance between me hiding from the craft and me peeking at it.

Of note, the UFO did not execute whatever action it desired, against whatever ground-based target it apparently had – from high up during its hovering position. There were no visible projectiles, rays or whatever extending downward from the object toward any ground subject; conversely, there was nothing from the ground, which came upward to the craft. Apparently, the object had to dive physically from its mile-high perch down to whatever it had targeted at ground level. It appeared to have needed to get near whatever its interest was to accomplish whatever it wanted to do. This would be like a hawk needing to get down grasping a mouse with its talons. I estimate that the UFO ‘landed’ somewhere along a straight path, east-northeast from Northlake-Peavy, with Lochwood Park as the central impact. It was traveling at a constant Mach-1 velocity as it approached about 1/10-mile above the ground. I did not see it again as I walked home after that, so the object either stopped instantly or else it drilled into the ground. Afterwards, there was no explosion, no news report and no evidence of damage.

Two days after my June 13 observation, I wrote a short letter to the Dallas Morning News in hopes that other witnesses, perhaps near Lochwood Park, had seen where the object went and what it did after plunging below the tree line. My letter was not published, which suggests that when these things are reported to the mainstream news media, they are laughed off. Circuitously, since no one hears about them, there is nothing to them! During my lifetime of 74-years, I have never seen anything that I could not explain; I can even explain my two Unidentified Flying Objects and thus make them Identified Flying Objects – they simply are highly advanced machines, designed, built and operated in our atmosphere by intelligent creatures that are NOT human. What these beings are or where they are from, I can only speculate; however, their existence and activity in our environment is a 100-percent fact, from my direct observations. This reality should help support those claims by other witnesses of fantastic and bizarre UFO occupant activity, as being a very real physical possibility.

All of the testimony given here is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

((NUFORC Note: This is one of two high-quality reports which have been submitted by the same witness. The other sighting occurred in Dallas on December 11, 2013, at 20:00 hrs.. PD))