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Occurred : 1/1/2015 21:00 (Entered as : 01/01/15 21:00)
Reported: 1/1/2015 10:27:57 PM 22:27
Posted: 1/7/2015
Location: Nashville (Columbia), TN
Shape: Fireball
Duration:3 minutes
Two fireballs hovering over I-65 near the exit to the old Saturn Plant outside of columbia TN

My son and I had been hunting today on some family land in middle Tennessee. On our way home on I-65 around the exit that leads to the old Saturn plant, we saw two lights in the sky. I have an Aerospace degree and make a living in technology and design which puts me in some interesting experiences. I am naturally visual spatial and am usually very aware of my surroundings and notice a lot of details.

We drove for about 4 miles from the time that I first noticed the lights before finally stopping on the side of the interstate to watch them almost directly overhead. At first the two lights were in close proximity to each other and seemed to rotate slowly at about a 20 degree angle from horizontal as we were initially driving along. I say that it looked that way but of course from our vantage point in a moving vehicle it can look like rotation but not actually be that. the most interesting thing was what we saw when we came to a stop and rolled the windows down. The two lights were at about 1000 feet altitude from our position. We had an overcast sky with a ceiling of about 1200 to 1500 feet I guess without checking.

These two objects seemed from my vantage point to be about as large as a car each in size judging from the size of the light they were emitting. initially from the first view we had of them, they seemed to alternate between brighter and darker in the intensity of their light which initially led me to believe that they were two airplanes that were in a holding pattern waiting for their turn at final approach into Nashville airport. I knew that air traffic control would not have placed two planes this close together so I figured that they must be much farther apart yet my vantage point just makes them look closer. I also thought they were much farther away than they actually were.

As we pulled over and stopped the car, I could see that they were not airplanes, helicopters, drones, balloons, light from a ground source, etc. We had about 30 seconds of clear visual from the time we stopped and tried to video to the time that the first object on the left phased out like turning off a light with a dimmer.

About 10 seconds later the second one on the right phased out the same way. Now they did not fly into the clouds, they were below them. The light they emitted was an orange glow like a torch. I am familiar with most everything that flies and many FAA regs. I also am able to use logic and reason to determine what I might be seeing.

All I know is that with my experience both educationally, professionally, and Spiritually, I was not able to determine what I saw but I am convinced that it was not something man made.

I have never seen anything like it before and am very aware of what it takes to make something fly and these two things did not match that knowledge. They did not emit any sound that we were able to single out from the mild interstate traffic. We would have heard a helicopter or possibly even a drone in my estimation. Even if it had been something like! a drone then from the size it was, we would still have seen the object against the cloud ceiling via the ambient light emitted from the nearby urban infrastructure when the light it emitted phased out.

Again the light was a orange glow times two, fixed hovering in the sky about 1000 feet above the ground with a constant fixed distance between the two. The left one phased out first, then 5 to 10 seconds later, the second one phased out the same way leaving no trace or sound.

Again, I reiterate, I would know if they were airplanes, helicopters, drones, balloons, flairs, ground emitted light, etc and they were none of those.