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Occurred : 6/30/1967 01:00
Reported: 11/14/2014 2:02:06 PM 14:02
Posted: 11/14/2014
Location: Columbus, OH
In the summer of 1967, I lived north of Columbus, Ohio, on East Powell Road, half a mile east of I71. Houses were on long, narrow ten acre lots - about two tenths of a mile up a hill on the edge of the woods. I was fifteen years old and regularly sneaking out - no fear!

I was walking home alone at 1 am. Fifty feet from my driveway, up to my left, out of the north sky came a large lighted object.. It stopped in mid air just past the edge of the woods. Scared, I hid behind a large oak tree peeking, not knowing what to do. It made no noise - no movement. I knew "they" knew I was there, so I ran up the driveway stopping in front of my house. Approx one- two hundred feet away at tree top level was a saucer shaped aircraft with pale colored, rectangular lights around the bottom. The lights were white, red, blue, and glowing. Maybe an acre in size - it just stayed there. I didn't dare move - it came to me "they" wouldn't hurt me. Who were "! they"? It finally moved at the same level slowly south parallel to I71, with a slight up and down motion. On top of the hill, I could see it for maybe a few miles and it made three loud, high pitched, whirling noises and went straight down. I had left my friends house at 1am, when I next looked at the time it was 3 am. A short time later I saw headlines in the Columbus dispatch where an airforce pilot reported a UFO sighting. I had my proof. Now I always wonder.. where did 2 hours go during the time I was outside with the ufo? Could I have been upducted? I've had a bump behind my ear the I always pick at, its bothersome.. and I don't remember always having it. And since this day, I have been obssessed with UFO's.