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Occurred : 10/10/2014 17:45 (Entered as : 10-10-14 17:45)
Reported: 11/10/2014 6:09:10 PM 18:09
Posted: 11/14/2014
Location: Maple Ridge (Canada), BC
Shape: Sphere
Duration:~15 minutes
I was just looking out at a very clear night sky, when a red pulsing light flew fairly close to my western view of the sky, maybe even almost overhead, and flew towards the west, slightly north of true west. I can see the airplanes fly by all the time, but their lights are different.

This was just a red light that pulsed. At one point it seemed to hover what might be over Vancouver area. Then it seemed to keep heading west, out to sea.

I got out my binoculars to inspect it, to see if I could see any other lights, like maybe those of a plane, the other plane lights being white and red blinking with a constant white are red. There was no other lights and no other shape that I could see through the binoculars, just that red pulsing orb. It was pretty cool.

Also, I can hear the sound of the planes as they pass by, overhead, and I couldn't hear any sound attached to this red orb. The other kind of interesting thing, was the size of it. The red light seemed so much bigger than the lights on the airplanes that pass by.

The orb itself, was not larger than the airplanes that pass by, just the lights were noticeably different size.