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Occurred : 4/11/2014 23:00 (Entered as : 4/11/14 23:00)
Reported: 11/2/2014 8:05:56 AM 08:05
Posted: 11/6/2014
Location: Boring, OR
Shape: Cylinder
Duration:1 hour
Spinning tubular UFO flies and flashes acrross sky while several others in sight in Boring.

I had just finished working for the day and I stepped out side outside about 11:30 pm to look for my cat. So I'm walking around and I take a gander at the sky because it looked beautiful, and I see what looks like a little yellow light bouncing around. Shorty after seeing the yellow one, I notice a blue one beneath it doing the same thing. just bouncing slightly.

I mentally debate if what I'm seeing if actually moving at all, and my vision is observing it wrong, then all of a sudden the blue one does a full circle in a split second, just WOOOSH!, then back to where it was like it just answered my question for me.

At this point my jaw is at the floor, and Im just watching waiting for more. So I look at the 2 lights for a number of minutes, I'm going to guess 5. I felt like taking my eyes away from the sky would have been a mistake so I kept my eyes locked.

After a bit of time passes I see in the corner of my eye, a tubular long object with a light along it that looked like a flowing lightening bolt. It was emanating from the body of the object and flowing like a beam of electricity. On both ends there was bright flashing lights too. I see this objecting spinning in full circles and traveling extremely fast while its spinning.

So it comes from out of my vision to into my vision along the horizon, so it blows right past the other 2 hurdling by, absolutely blowing my mind, then it disappears for a split second, completely black, couldn't see it, then it reappears, and the lights on it are going completely insane and flashing up a storm and skipping from one area of the sky to another like it was literally teleporting across the sky in different places. it disappeared while it was on the left side of the sky, then reappeared on the right side, lights going absolutely crazy the whole time.

It did that off into the distance till I couldn't see it any more. At this point I am completely rethinking my entire life and what I believe in. The 2 yellow and blue ones where still there, bouncing. Then I feel a bump on my back and it was my cat, and he sat there with me, and acted strange, like he knew to me. Like he was trying to comfort me, and help me be calm.

So I took some deep breaths and tried to call somebody to try make some sense of what just happened. Nobody took me seriously after calling 2 people. Feeling like I'm wasting my time I go back outside. I look up and I see a star sized light to the naked eye. It is flashing back and forth between red and blue and white. Flashing pretty quickly. I cant believe my eyes so I go inside and grab my camera.

After mounting my tripod I zoomed in as far I could, and the object became allot larger in the camera. It was a perfect circle. Spinning in one direction flashing, then it changed the direction it was spinning. The color flashes weren't consistant at all and where at times getting really fast, then it would slow down, and it would be brighter white, the faster it spinned.

After being fixated on that one for nearly 45 minutes, the spinning tube one came back just spinning across the sky. I managed to snap one picture of it, where you can see the beam of light that went along the whole thing. It came and went allot faster than the first time.

I took pictures and videos of the spinning disc till my camera died. Hungry for more I go inside and charge my camera in hopes to get more footage because I felt like I couldn't get footage that was good enough.

Once my camera was charged I went back outside and it was covered in clouds and I couldn't see a thing. While I was inside I did allot of thinking and this sighting changed my life in many powerful ways. I felt blessed. I feel like a fool for not reporting sooner, I thought it would be smart to do it, then to let it go unheard.