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Occurred : 10/25/2014 23:00 (Entered as : 10/25/14 23:00)
Reported: 10/26/2014 10:17:06 AM 10:17
Posted: 11/6/2014
Location: Fresno, CA
Shape: Formation
Duration:2 hours
Formation of colored lights hovering for 2 hours with swirling greenish orb lights/ FRESNO, CALIFORNIA

On 10/25/14 around 11:00 p.m. my daughter, husband and I saw pale green lights swirling in a circular fashion around in an elliptical circle. No lights were emanating from the bottom as a spotlight would have. We watched them and then went inside to get a jacket. When we came back out they were still then but stopped. We then saw above us a "Y" shaped grouping of colored lights (red,greeen,pink,white fading in and out).It was very cloudy; we would see this grouping of lights come in and out of the clouds as they moved; motionless, hovering; the lights stayed in formation. We then saw at different times two triangular shaped formations with 3 lights. In the distance at one time we saw 3 lights in a straight line, which later disappeared. As the clouds moved, we would see the Y shaped lights again and again. They were hardly moving. Later in the distance the green swirling lights occurred again, first only one, then it seemed light 2 to 3 and they w! ere "dancing" in swirling formations. There was a triangle of lights to the right of it. As this triangle faded, so did the green swirling orb like lights disappear. We watched this for 2 hours. We were in West Fresno; the lights were to the Eastern portion of the sky.