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Occurred : 10/12/2014 05:00 (Entered as : 10/12/2014 5:00)
Reported: 10/12/2014 5:55:12 PM 17:55
Posted: 11/6/2014
Location: Prescott, AZ
Shape: Light
Duration:30 seconds
Three UFO sightings in AZ within a week. All lights. I'd never seen one before!

A week ago, I think on Sunday, Oct. 5, I was doing yoga on a wooden platform in my yard in Prescott, AZ, in the mid to late afternoon. I saw a white pinpoint of light move erratically around the sky. It was moving so fast that I assumed it was a laser or other natural phenomenon. I watched it for 1 - 2 minutes while I was in shivanansa pose (on my back) before it disappeared. I didn’t think much about it.

Yesterday, October 11, my partner and I were at a campground in Cornville, AZ (near Sedona). We had a good, clear view of the sky and were lying on our backs watching the stars sometime between 7:00 and 9:30. We both saw what looked like a bright star in the sky (she saw it first), except that it was swinging back and forth by what looked like an inch or two, like an ornament on a tree, like it was tethered there. Sometimes it would lurch a short ways forwards or backwards, but stayed in essentially the same spot on the sky for the 20 or 15 minutes we looked at it. My partner thought she saw a faint dark circle outline around it. I thought it looked more triangular. The moving light was all we could see for sure. Several planes tracked through the sky at the same time, but this was definitely not a plane.

The next day, October 12, at about 5:00 pm, we were at the mall parking lot in Prescott, AZ and a guy in a Jeep was pointing to the sky out his window. I looked up (my partner was driving), and I saw a light than seemed large and fairly close. I thought it was a plane at first, but then (within 30 seconds) it quickly faded into the distance and disappeared, faster than any plane I’d seen.