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Occurred : 10/8/2014 08:20 (Entered as : 10/08/14 8:20)
Reported: 10/8/2014 8:13:16 PM 20:13
Posted: 10/10/2014
Location: Newburgh, IN
Shape: Triangle
Duration:>1 minute
Very large triangle shaped craft over Southern Indiana.

My wife and I watch for shooting stars several times a week. Tonight we saw an orange light coming quickly from east to west. As it got closer it shifted into three lights. It appeared to be 200-300 feet long and maybe 100 feet wide. It made some sound but was not loud like a jet. It looked similar to jets flying in formation but when it was directly overhead we could see it was solid and blocked out stars as it passed in front of them. It was maybe half the altitude that the planes fly above our home. When it was roughly 1/2 mile past us it made a 90 degree turn and went northeast quickly. My 14 year old son also saw it. His take was it looked like a star destroyer from Star Wars. The two light in the rear were rectangular and were taller than they were wide. The light on the front was thin and horizontal. This all happened with a very bright full moon so we could easily see the shape. Needless to say we are all freaked a little. We got on google to see if anyone else saw anything and found this site.