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Occurred : 6/22/2014 00:05 (Entered as : 6/22/14 24:05)
Reported: 10/5/2014 7:01:38 PM 19:01
Posted: 10/10/2014
Location: Palm Desert, CA
Shape: Light
Duration:10 minutes
Entity captured on iPhone camera (invisible to naked eye) whilst observing a UFO in the sky.

Object seen: An object 5-15 miles to the south west from our current location, above the mountain skyline. It perceptibly had the same size and shape as an ordinary star, was not twinkling, and was brighter. There was clearly some kind of field or energy emanating from the object, my best description being an electric smoky haze.

What it did: At first I thought it was a planet, until my girlfriend and I confirmed to each other that it was darting in random directions (few hundred feet?) within the area in the sky it was spotted. Each time it darted we would correctly confirm the direction to each other. It would also pause and very slightly contract and expand (this would excite the very slight field/haze surrounding it) Shape and Color: Craft: - Yellow - Star shaped (a small bright light) - No twinkling Being: - Translucent - Appeared like a cephalopod.

Single source of bluish-white light in the “head” region.

A being captured on video: I turned on my iPhone 4 to try to attempt to capture this object in the sky. The phone defaulted to the rear-facing self-portrait (facing behind us). Before switching it to the forward camera, I noticed something coming in to view from behind a retaining wall. It was a translucent, floating being. I turned my head to see the creature behind me, but there was nothing visible. Turning back to the camera, the creature remained on screen. I held the camera on the creature until its body language displayed that it noticed us watching it via the camera. The creature then swiftly vanished upwardly.

Witnesses/Observers: College graduate couple who had recently moved to LA. We tended to be skeptical of such phenomena. This evening we both had consumed one alcoholic beverage each by this time.

Me: 25 yr old software developer.

Girlfriend: 24 yrs waitress.

I have the video of this encounter, and would like to share it with a credible investigator.

6/22/14 24:05 Palm Desert CA 92260