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Occurred : 10/3/2014 19:55 (Entered as : 10/03/14 19:55)
Reported: 10/5/2014 6:49:56 PM 18:49
Posted: 10/10/2014
Location: Hyannis, MA
Shape: Light
Duration:2-3 minutes
Very bright "star" and then vanished!

I was outdside on my deck with my husband, we were facing the north west. My husband was facing me so he didn't see the light, I was taking to him when I noticed this very bright start behind his left shoulder (what a assumed to be a star). I stared at it for about 2 minutes and just as I was about to tell him To turn around to see it, it lit up extremely bright and then vanished! All I could say was, "Did you see that! Oh my goodness where did it go!" My husband thought I was crazy, I explained to him what happen and he told me we should get in the house.

It's not the first time we've seen something in that same area, and before he has seen things too. I'm not sure what to make of this particular occurrence but it scared him and myself.