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Occurred : 9/16/2014 22:00 (Entered as : 09/16/14 22:00)
Reported: 9/17/2014 10:07:48 PM 22:07
Posted: 9/18/2014
Location: Ada, OK
Shape: Light
Duration:3 minutes

Two extremely bright shining lights appeared high in the sky - looking north.

They were lined up horizontally and evenly apart by the same distance, but were pretty far away from each other, as they were so far away. I could hold up my fingers in front of me, with my index finger and my middle finger in the shape of a "V" and the two bright lights were evenly spaced - perfectly with the tips of my fingers, making a perfect "triangle" shape with my hand and fingers placed this way. I was basically holding a "peace" sign in the air, to try and judge the distance between the two lights. (The two lights would be the base of the triangle, and the point at my knuckle, between the index and middle finger would be the point of the triangle.

These two bright white lights appeared to ascend high into the sky quickly, moving the same direction toward the northern star. The view of the north star is directly north of my house way up in the sky, so I have a perfect view of the northern star. The lights were moving really fast, but they were moving straight up, and appeared to be going straight toward the star. The further away they got, the dimmer the light was. They appeared to dim evenly, and this made me think they were going in the same direction at the same speed. Eventually, they got so small you could no longer see the light. The best way to describe it would be comparing it to a balloon floating into the air, and watching it until it was so far away, you could not see it any longer. These two lights were VERY intense in color. We have planes fly overhead at night often, and these were NOT planes. It was the strangest thing I have ever seen.

It was a clear night, with stars visible, and light overcast. No lightning, bad weather, etc. The best way to describe the light would be Car Headlights. They were bright like car headlights..Also, I need to note that these lights were not directly overhead, they were off in the distance (toward the north) at least a few miles away, or probably even further. WE have a tall tree in our neighbors front yard, so from the top of this tall oak tree, the lights appeared about halfway from the top of the tree to the north star in the northern sky.

I am curious to know if anyone else in my area reported the lights?