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Occurred : 9/8/2014 20:52 (Entered as : 09/08/2014 20:52)
Reported: 9/12/2014 8:14:05 AM 08:14
Posted: 9/18/2014
Location: Zhujiang (Newtown; Guangzhou)(China),
Shape: Oval
Duration:~27 minutes
Unsual Object Sighted in Night Sky near the Huacheng Square, in Zhujiang Newtown, Guangzhou, China

It was night time, and I was going for a casual walk at the Huacheng Square walkway near the IFC building and also near the Guangzhou opera house and the presently constructing Luk Fuk building. I decided to take a quick rest at the Mall of the World, which was underneath the Huacheng Square walkway. Shortly after my rest I decided to go back outside into the warm, humid Guangzhou heat.

I then made my way over to the end of the walkway and the end of the square, which was near the Guangzhou Asian Games Stadium and the Canton Tower, as well as near the side of the Pearl River. As soon as I arrived near the end of the square, I noticed that there were lots of people. It was very crowded that night, and I realized that it was the first day of Mid-Autumn Festival (aka Moon Cake Festival). There were many street vendors and lots of people with their friends and family eating food, as well as taking pictures of the wonderfully lit ornaments and the quickly changing colorful lights of both the Canton Tower and the IFC (Four Seasons) building.

I decided to walk ahead closer to near the river side, but the way there was blocked by barrier, as there was a large ornamental display bearing the shape of a traditional Chinese junk ship (without sails), and a led or neon-lit sign the posted Chinese characters, translated as Happy Mid-Autumn Festival and welcoming of happiness or such (since I’ve studied Chinese for four semesters in China before).

Next, I made my way over to the barrier closest to the river, but was also near other people taking pictures. I was gazing around the buildings and the night sky. Occasionally I would see an airplane or two from the far distance to the East and the South of the Canton Tower, with ordinary flashing beacons and navigation lights.

Once more, I then gazed across over to the north to see the wonderfully lit IFC building, as well as the construction of the Luk Fuk building. I then turned around to face the river side once more, but something caught the attention of the corner of my left eye. I then turned left towards the east to see a far away red light (brightness similar to an aircraft). It must’ve been at least half a mile out on the horizon, as far as I could see. The amber-red light appearing distant at first, then gradually brighter as it was making its way over towards me (heading west-ward).

The night sky was clear, but there were some low-lying clouds and slight fog or mist closer to the ground and river. It was a also a little breezy near ground level. Gazing towards the red light, I thought at first it was just an ordinary aircraft, and thought that maybe the fog or possible city pollution caused the aircraft’s lights to appear redder instead of a typical incandescent yellow-white. But as the red light drew nearer, I realized it maintained a constant color, and it was coming at a slight decline angle. Then as it drew even nearer to me, it quickly disappeared into the nearby low-lying clouds.

Curious, I still kept my eyes open for any other activity. To my surprise the red light came out of the clouds and continued westward, and finally made its way over the festival square. As it passed over me (about a 75-85 degree angle above my head to the north of me), I noticed an unusual shape. Although it was dark, I was able to make out a round, almost oval-like shape. It was neither perfectly circle nor perfectly oval. To my eye, it appeared to be roughly between the size of an aspirin pill and a penny (or a Chinese wu jiao coin).

The color appeared to be a grayish, slightly white-blue color, and there was a slight reflection on the object from the surrounding city lights. As it passed over me, I noticed that the object made no sound (no motor or engine noise), from what I can recall, except for a faint ‘cutting through the wind’. Gauging the craft’s distance up above the ground, the object must’ve been at least 500-600 feet above the ground, but no more than 1000 feet, I reckoned. It was about as high as the lowest flying domestic aircraft flying over the city, but a bit lower.

As it continued over me (over the festival square), it quickly fluttered some violet, blue, blue-green, red-pink, and a bit of green lights. Sort of like temporary beacons or special kind of navigation signals, I suspected. It must’ve done this signaling at least twice or thrice, but very rapidly, in a glimmering, sequential and reverse-sequential fashion. By the time I realized that this was no “ordinary” object or “craft”, I decided to pull out my Smartphone to take a pictures.

By the time I got my phone camera ready, the object then sped up quickly towards the west, towards the direction of the Guangzhou Opera House and past other buildings in that direction (i.e. the Baoli Center Building), then quickly ascended and faded away. A bit curious, I still had my phone out of my pocket. Some people (two couples, and a small group of two to three people) nearest to me noticed me attempting to take pictures of something in the sky, but they must’ve thought nothing of it at first.

About two to three minutes later, I notice the exact same amber-red light (as the object had when entering from the east), but this time appearing to the southwest of the Canton Tower. It must’ve been several hundred feet above the large high-rise apartments directly on the other side of the Pearl River. It was hovering for at least half a minute, then slowly ascended, paused and hovered for a few more seconds, then gradually continued westward and “disappeared”. By this time I had already taken a few snapshots from my phone.

About a less than a minute later, I notice the exact same amber-red light near and above a large building the west of the Guangzhou Opera house. It was hovering for at least half a minute, then ascended slowly again, but this time, the amber-red light began to pulsate (almost undulating). It must’ve done this for a few seconds at a time, within one to two minutes max, then ascended higher, and gradually disappeared.

At this time, I had already had taken a few more snapshots from my phone, and there were at least three to five other people that pointed to the object, and took some snapshots, but they appeared to not be surprised, but rather amused (as if it was nothing very special). Unfortunately, my phone’s camera resolution and quality wasn’t the best, the object appeared dimmer in the pictures than in real life.

About a few seconds later, the amber-red light appeared again near the direction I last seen it (toward the west of the Guangzhou Opera house and neighboring buildings). About a few minutes more it hovered and ascended gradually on and off, occasionally with a pulsation, then it slowly made its way southward towards the Pearl River, and disappeared again. During this time I had taking more pictures of it. I had also noticed that another couple near me had pointed to the object discretely, and took a quick snapshot from their Smartphone, showing some interest. I did not bother to ask them as I was afraid I would ‘sound’ or ‘look’ like a fool.

About another minute later, I noticed the same amber-red light, but this time, further in the east, even further east of the Liede Avenue Bridge. It was a little higher in the sky, and was more distant, and was less visible because of the low lying clouds and fog. It must’ve hovered in place for a least another one to two minutes, then disappeared again for another few minutes. I was able to take a picture of this period of time. As you will see in the related photograph, one can barely notice it with the naked eye, but if one was to open the photo, one can zoom-in closely and notice the slight color in the midst of the clouds.

Shortly after that period of time, it again appeared to the slight southwest of the Canton Tower and towards the high rise apartments directly across the Pearl River. Again, the object, hovered, and moved slowly toward the west, and slowly ascended, then changed direction in the opposite direction and hovered another few seconds more, and disappeared again.

To my wonderment and disbelief, I had realized by this time that there was something strange about this object. It could’ve not been any ordinary aircraft. It was not in any perceivable way, identifiable, and the only two things I could suspect were that object was either of terrestrial or was non-terrestrial origin. Military flares? I’m not familiar with any flares that fly and behave the way that object did. Whether the object was of terrestrial (military-government or non military-government) origin, or non-terrestrial origin, it was indeed unusual in its appearance and behavior. What it was not was any conventional aircraft.

Again, I can neither conclusively prove nor disprove that this object was either terrestrial or non-terrestrial, but what I can conclude was that I experienced seeing something out of the ordinary, and without any recollection of the unknown. Shall anyone choose to believe or disbelieve my experience; it is their choice, with rightful reasons to their own thinking and opinions. But I hereby declare that I stand true and clear to my words, to the best of my knowledge and experience. I know what I know, and I know what I’ve witnessed. All analysis, thoughts, experiences, correlations, and opinions are greatly welcomed and appreciated.