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Occurred : 8/30/2014 21:33 (Entered as : 8/30/14 21:33)
Reported: 8/30/2014 7:10:15 PM 19:10
Posted: 8/31/2014
Location: Virginia Beach, VA
Shape: Light
Duration:45 seconds
light expanding and shrinking, hovering and then zipping away.

I was outside speaking with a friend and saw a light that appeared to be expanding in size and shrinking, as if zigzagging to-and-fro. It came to a complete stop and then expanded in size again, and zipped off without a trace. I immediately ran inside to call non-emergency. I came back outside after a few minutes and the light was back in the same spot, only this time it was hovering. And its light appeared to get bigger as it did before and zipped off again.

I was the only one to have witnessed this.