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Occurred : 8/22/2014 04:22 (Entered as : 08/22/14)
Reported: 8/27/2014 9:47:09 AM 09:47
Posted: 8/29/2014
Location: Pasadena, MD
Shape: Rectangle
Duration:30-45 seconds
U.F.O . Report 8-22-14 4:22 Am, at the Red Light Ritchie Hwy & Jumpers Hole rd. Take exit onto Md. Rt. 100 proceed aprox. 1 mile. 4:24 am see what appears to be Jet landing at B.W.I. Airport, which is about 3 miles up ahead. Realize it is a large plane coming towards me, straight down the center of Rt. 100 Medium size plane much bigger than Piper cub , figured it was a Cargo plane. Flying much lower than any plane I have ever seen that wasn’t coming in for a landing. Since its flying directly at me, I figured I would get a good look to see what kinda plane this is. It's very dark with thick cloud cover, no stars or moonlight. As it approached rather quickly, what I saw was a huge Rectangle with Qty : 4 large red and green lights. Much bigger than traffic lights, I assume as big or bigger than sewer caps. Vividly clear green on front right and back left, and red on front left and back right.

I was simply Marveling at this technology as these lights had lumins/intensity of traffic signals but emitted no glare, aura, did not radiate downward or illuminate the craft at all. Were not convex or concave but completely flat.. diffused light that had no bright spots, light was evenly emitted so as just one perfectly round flat, I thought landing lights. Strange that the road as far as I could see in front and behind me was completely empty with the exception of one car behind me about 2 car lengths. As it got close I was leaning forward on the steering wheel looking almost straight up at the underneath of the vehicle. Could only see a giant rectangle. Could see no outline of an object, plane, helicopter. Seemed to be only couple hundred feet above me. The one thought I was having is that this couldn’t be a plane, the rectangle way too wide for a fuselage of a plane. At that point it turned clockwise 280 degrees and made a right turn as I am looking at it in 0.5 seconds. If one was to count out loud “one thousand one”, being one second. The object spun on an axis completely around by the time you get; one thous out of your mouth. “And one” the second half of the word, the object had moved right turn 90 degrees and never changed or altered acceleration. 92 degrees actually.

By this time the object would be passing over top of my truck and I had to look thru the moon roof. Where I could see it was actually traveling at a slight different angle now that I had a 3rd reference point, my truck roof. Making a maneuver of 270 degrees plus, there was forward momentum to take into account. When looking skyward seeing only dark and a rectangle I saw a perfect right turn , but looking thru the moonroof it had turned right but was still sliding a bit forward at the same time, thus explaining the slightly more than a 90 degree turn it made would compensate for the forward momentum after a few seconds, and put it exactly on course. What was the rear of the vehicle, is now the front of the vehicle headed to my! right at 90 degrees. So it's like polarity in the propulsion system had been switched simultaneously. Of course at this point my mind going into Shock was thinking only one thing.

What did I just see? This is certainly not possible,, could this have been a helicopter. A helicopter could have easily fit inside this rectangle and couldn’t do a maneuver that quick that precise even if it were hovering.

It made no sound at all, seemed to be about 300 ft high and must have been cloaked to imitate the sky color as I never was able to make out any object or shape other than a crystal clear rectangle of spectacular lights. Always dreamed of being lucky enough to see a flying saucer or something. Never in my wildest dreams thought I would see something like this practically in my face. The figure was exact shape of a football field. I could fit my house and garage inside its length. I figure the object was 80 to 150 ft long and 40 or 60 ft wide.

This is a shortened version of what I saw and the calculations. Would love to talk to someone futher about this incident.

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous; provides no contact information. However, the source of the report may be the same witness we spoke with via telephone on August 22nd, 2014. We cannot be certain it is the same person. PD))