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Occurred : 8/24/2014 22:00 (Entered as : 08/24/2014 22:00)
Reported: 8/25/2014 6:44:10 PM 18:44
Posted: 8/29/2014
Location: Tamarac, FL
Shape: Circle
Duration:1 minute
Lights in the sky one thousand times stronger than any airplane or helicopter search light.

I went out of the house to smoke a cigaret and look up to the sky and saw what I believe to be a meteor coming down because it look like a ball of fire but I saw no smoke trail. I got scare thinking I was going to hit my house.when it got closer, may be one half mile or less from where I was it stop and stay still. I hear no sound at all.

Now I realize it was lights under some object maybe thirty feet in diameter. It stay still for about thirty seconds them it shot out two small red lights that fade out almost immediately. The light on the big object dim and then descended alway from my direction going southwest of Tamarac.

I lost sight cause it went lower than the houses in front of me. I stay outside for a while looking in the direction it had gone. All I could see far away was some lights as if lighting of a storm far away.