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Occurred : 4/24/2010 18:20 (Entered as : 04/24/2010 18:20)
Reported: 8/23/2014 5:52:15 PM 17:52
Posted: 8/29/2014
Location: Fort Worth, TX
Shape: Sphere
Duration:15 minutes
I know the Feds know more than what they're claiming too, I've swatched from the shadows too many years.

I was a warehouse worker, on the job, at 620 pm, at one of the factories on the Southside of Fort Worth, Texas, during the evening--shortly before sunset.

I was moving stock up a ramp, in back of the main 2 story office/factory building, when I noticed a sun glint, in the sky, over a neighborhood across the street from the plant.

The gilt was around 20-30 stories high as I measure the downtown towers, I use to work around high-rise buildings for a number of years.

Because of their size, I at first mistook them for a C-130 cargo plane, climbing, as UPS and other carriers often fly over from the airport, so I was just about to look away, when I noticed an odd pale glow.

I took out my pocket binoculars to look closer and saw two metallic spheres.

They had deep groves along the equator, with plated skin like an air craft.

They were close together as if they were magnetized – with a white vertical beam of light or gas jet that seemed to balance them – as they made see-saw and wobbling motion from the high wind gust—they seemed weightless.

They reminded me of a bubble head doll as they moved north by south wobbling, and this odd white beam remained fixed between them like a balancing rod.

They seemed in a hurry and one seemed disabled, with the other, facing south as the tolling craft.

I could tell that they were flying directly over the houses across the way on Mcart Street.

I soon got concerned about that white beam pointed toward the ground, as I watched the objects move through a cloud, I lost sight of them, and became fearful they might turn my direction.

That beam was at least 200 feet downward with 5 feet width or more, as far as I could guess, but I couldn’t tell what kind of energy it was made of – gas or light.

I quickly went inside the building.

When I got the nerve to come back out, on the street side, I noticed a man walking on that sidewalk unharmed. So I quickly moved to the sidewalk on Mcart – but when I got out where I could see the sky better, the objects were gone.

An airbus came from the south direction at the same altitude – so I got to compare its size, using my finger and I determined the two spheres were half as long as the airbus.

That meant each had enough room for at least 50 human size passengers.

The fact, I didn’t see the spheres anymore – didn’t surprise me, as that wasn’t the first sighting of such objects, in that area and elsewhere about the city.

Here’s a spot for more of my background.

My interest in UFO has been a on and off affair –since my mother recounted a close encounter at a very young age.

She the youngest girl and a uncle the youngest boy of 13, on a farm around 1934 or 5, where they came within ten feet of a glowing sphere.

“It was a huge white ball with black lines running from pole to pole and it hummed like a high voltage transformer.” I asked her how close it was. She pointed to a wall about ten feet away. She said, “We had snuck out that night and was about to cross an open field, when this huge ball suddenly lit up in front of us! We just watched it for a few minutes, then, the older ones grabbed {her & my uncle} and took off down the road…we never saw it again.” That story was verified by her siblings as much as 40 years apart – each time they initiated it.

It wasn’t until July 1973 when I had my first sighting.

I had just arrived in Texas and was living in Dallas at that time. I was outside reading a book, on the back lawn, when I notice a squadron of F-16 fly over. They were moving rapidly west to east -- in formation with 5 or 6 glowing spheres that phased in and out of sight.

That incident made me more aware of my surrounding, but it wasn’t until a night in July 1997 that I saw a test flight of a craft that was man made; it took off along I-35w near an air strip I know of in Keller, TX.

It was long and big about the size of a 727 and that was about 9 pm as I was moving north on I-35. I saw it lift off from below the trees – it had a faint pale greenish blue glow. It was invisible to anyone beneath a street light or anyone in downtown area.

I just happen to be in the right spot at the right time, when it climbed to a height directly over the Bass tower in Fort Worth, and it stopped on a dime. It remained at station keeping for several seconds; it began moving in wide circular patterns, so fast, it seemed to be two places at once.

That went on for almost 30 minutes, then, it returned to its landing strip. Being a member of a large family, I had relatives in various fields – like the corps of engineers.

Sometimes they went to work at the D.U.M.B. where CIA security have to supervise their handling of blueprints stored in a metal scroll like device, so only their area of work is visible. We figured down there is where the craft proto-types are stored and developed.

Since I worked at this factory location, I’ve been able to spot a number of alien objects and observed the government’s reaction.

It was a clear night, on a Friday, in Feb. 2008; I had just arrived for work at 11pm, when I saw a bright object drop in the southeast. I thought it was a meteorite and looked away, I continued walking north along the loading rim of the loading dock.

I went up a short flight of stairs, got my clipboard and continued north, passing 3 overhead docks door.

I was about to cross the space of 45ft, between buildings, when I glanced to my left, towards a long 1 story building that ran north by south and next to it was the 2 story front office building.

I looked and saw that same bright yellow object still in the sky.

“That’s no meteorite!” I said out loud, as I watched the object make a controlled landing not more then a few blocks away from where I stood. It looked that close. And it was at least 30ft wide shaped like an egg – but extremely bright like the sun, I use to work at an airport and seen hundreds of chopper landings in all weather conditions and that thing made a perfect soft vertical landing.

I just took off for the front as fast as I could navigate the complex and when I got to Mcart Street – I saw no trace of it.

That object was as bright as the sun. I expected to see a fire on somebody’s roof – it came down right below the roof level of our complex – and it appeared very close.

I was expecting a chopper to arrive, one did, a gray one, but it was circling the wrong area. It did so all night, leaving once to refuel and came back.

Days later, I saw one odd looking black chopper fly about the area, in a search pattern, but it didn’t stay long.

About 2 week after that, the chemtrails started and so did larger objects appear.

I’ve lived and worked in this area 10 years and never seen a chemtrail. But now, it sprayed as thick as a blanket, until the sky has an eerie look and smell.

One weekend I noticed a small blimp with an Insurance company logo, fly over this cluster of houses located in an isolated spot where gravel is dump and hauled.

I was driving stock toward the warehouse headed west as I saw it, the blimp turned toward me. It came directly overhead, I suddenly got sick. My pulse started racing and I felt flushed and it lasted until the blimp moved away from me.

I moved clear of the area and watched with my binoculars as the blimp just kept circling this one cluster of houses for several hours until just before sundown and then it went away headed north.

I saw it return weeks later, from the north and circle this same group of houses, seemly all afternoon, then, it would leave the way it came. Inside the blimp I saw one, or two people in the cabin at the flight controls – but no passengers.

Shortly after that, maybe a week or more, I saw an airbus moving eastward with a huge thick trail of dark smoke behind it. I almost thought it was in trouble, because I saw what I took for smoke move away from the cabin, but it wasn’t smoke.

I was wearing a pair of very dark sun glasses that enabled me to see the object clearly, as it was almost invisible to the naked eye.

This object that cut across the path of this airbus was huge – it dwarfed the plane by thousands of feet.

It moved toward the ground in a U shape – when it reached the ground it dissipated.

I looked toward the south of the plane where the sky hadn’t been spray-- and saw this mass of objects move from the upper atmosphere and cross paths with the plane, once again moving toward the ground.

I thought they were meteorites.

I could see grainy chunks moving in mass toward the ground, with a faint pale yellow green color and dissipate as they reached about 100 feet.

After a moment of trying to figure out what I was seeing, I then thought it was a sun flare that had punched through the atmosphere. But it wasn’t that.

I saw another object come down and cross paths with the airbus, and as I advanced closer, I could see chunks of inner mass move in long stringy formations, like a jellyfish tentacles.

At that point I began to wonder, if I wasn’t seeing something that was alive.

Then I realized, all during this incident, the plane hadn’t moved much since I first saw it. It was still in the same place in the sky.

That plane was spraying a huge mass of chemicals and I was ready to stay clear of it, so I fled indoors.

The black opts projects in Texas are in full gear! Since May, 30, 2008. I’ve stood below test shots of energy beams, 20 to 30 feet wide, shot from a University rooftop at clouds 60 ft above my neighborhood, I seen metal framed jet powered drones fly overhead.

I’ve even seen our folk, or them, make a huge Jacob’s ladder or escalator in the clouds for about 55 minutes.

You could see the moment they turned the switch off, the wind and clouds settled down, as if nothing had happened.